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  1. BoxIsMyName

    [Tutorial] How to run eShop games through LayeredFS

  2. BoxIsMyName

    Minecraft Switch Edition Xci Wanted

    currently cannot find a donor for it, only SX OS runs with it sadly.
  3. BoxIsMyName

    [Tutorial] How to run eShop games through LayeredFS

    oof, here, [Hidden Content]
  4. BoxIsMyName

    [Tutorial] How to run eShop games through LayeredFS

    [Hidden Content]
  5. BoxIsMyName

    [Tutorial] How to run eShop games through LayeredFS

    XCI files are cartridge dumps. NSP files are eShop dumps. SX OS requires nothing but the dumped file, no extraction is required. SX OS does not support NSP yet. So your best bets are either waiting for the sonic mania plus to release on cartridge, wait for an SX OS update to support NSP files, or just using LayeredFS to play extracted NSP files, like Sonic Mania. This whole tutorial is showing how to extract NSP files for LayeredFS.
  6. BoxIsMyName

    [Tutorial] How to run eShop games through LayeredFS

    Oh, for SX OS, you just need the XCI on the root. eShop doesn't work on SXOS. This is for LayeredFS.
  7. BoxIsMyName

    [Tutorial] How to run eShop games through LayeredFS

    Boot into LayeredFS with your switch. With the Jig. [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  8. BoxIsMyName

    [Tutorial] How to run eShop games through LayeredFS

    No worries, this way is how all of the .XCI (or cartridge games) work, and most people know that, so that's why I did not go into much detail there. Go inside of the exefs folder, and open the file `main.npdm` in HxD: [Hidden Content] Once inside it should look something like this: [Hidden Content] Now in the very bottom right there is a thing that says "Show Integers in hexadecimal base". Tick that little box. Now scroll down on the far left large panel and look for the word ACI0. Select the 8 characters directly below it like this: [Hidden Content] Now on the right panel, look for Int64. Go this URL: [Hidden Content] and find your donor. For this example, let's use fortnite You're going to want to paste fortnite id into the HxD. Int64 section. Replacing what was already there. So take the ID, 010025400AECE000 and remove the 0 in the beginning , so it becomes 10025400AECE000. Paste that into the Int64 section, and then press enter. Now do Ctrl+S to save it. Rename the folder that exefs and romfs.bin is inside of to 010025400AECE000 (with the zero this time) Then on your sd, drag this folder to /Atmosphere/Titles
  9. BoxIsMyName

    How do you make nsp files work?

    [Hidden Content]
  10. Yo waddup, I dunno how to format anything on this site, and honestly I do not care. I'm just gonna help some people out. ❤️ 0. If you get an eShop download, that is a .NSP then it's not extracted. But if it comes as a folder with an exefs folder and such, just rename it and use HxD. 1. To extract the .NSP, use hactool (best if you use the GUI tool here: [Hidden Content] ) - Click on the PFS0 button. 2. Go through the prompt, let it extract. Once done, it should just be in the folder that you chose within hactool. 3. Inside this folder, Find the largest .NCA file in there, drag it to your desktop. 4. Now you're going to want to get the normal hactool, because as far as I know, the GUI can't do this. [Hidden Content] Put this on the Desktop as well. 5. Create a folder on your desktop called whatever you want. In my case, I will call it 'CelesteTitle'. 6. You are also going to want your keys.ini on the Desktop as well. 7. Now, go here: [Hidden Content] and find the game you want to get. 8. Copy the code from the second column, (the title key) 9. Open Command Prompt (CMD) and cd to your Desktop. `cd c:/users/john/Desktop' 10. Now type in the CMD `hactool.exe -k keys.ini --romfs="CelesteTitle\romfs.bin" --exefsdir="CelesteTitle\exefs" --titlekey=[put your title key here that you found on hastebin] "[replace with the name of your nca on the desktop].nca"' 11. Let it extract, the 'CelesteTitle' folder is now ready to be renamed and use HxD on the file inside and run on LayeredFS! Please do NOT include any of the brackets in the command prompt text. Just fill in the information there, with the []. If something comes up, please tell me, I may have made a mistake or typo in these instructions.
  11. BoxIsMyName

    How do you make nsp files work?

    i'm writing a tutorial, hang on bby <3
  12. BoxIsMyName

    [REQUEST] Snake Pass .NSP

    i have been wanting to play it for a while.
  13. just try lots of demos and carts and games. i and many others have tried lots but I doubt every one has been tested.