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  1. Is it normal that the 2GB file is named "SSBU Update v5.0.0 [Softcobra.com]"?
  2. Decent FPS for the Switch? Youngblood was a disappointment.
  3. 600 likes? Man I'm late! It's gonna get stuck.
  4. Gymo

    Rise: Race The Future + [update 1.3.0]

    Where's the update file?
  5. Gymo

    Etherborn NSP

    The sharing requires permission.
  6. Thanks man. Now I can forget playing this on psp emulator.
  7. Thanks for the upload! Wow! The NSP got down real quick!
  8. Oh Switch releases in frenzy as of late. Hope I'm not too late to the party!
  9. Thanks Link. Bringing many releases on the same thread. Very convenient.
  10. You're my fave uploader because of your details Link! Keep it up.