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  1. Pseudonymous

    [REQUEST] Hungry Shark World

    (Pastebin) Hungry Shark World ID/TK
  2. Pseudonymous

    [REQUEST] NBA Playgrounds - Enhanced

    (Pastebin) NBA Playgrounds Enhanced ID/TK
  3. Pseudonymous

    request neverout

    (Pastebin) Neverout ID/TK
  4. Pseudonymous

    kingdom lands

    (Pastebin) Kingdom : New Lands ID/TK
  5. Pseudonymous

    [Request] Guns, Gore and Cannoli

    (pastebin) Guns, Gore, & Canolli ID/ TK
  6. Pseudonymous

    Request HAND OF FATE 2

    (pastebin) Hand of Fate 2 ID & TK
  7. Pseudonymous

    Request: them bombs

    (pastebin) Them Bombs Title ID & Keys
  8. Pseudonymous

    [SOLVED] Cannot get Dev Menu to run on SX OS 1.3

    You are very welcome! Happy Gaming Yes, I meant Gear Club Ultimate....must have been thinking Drive Club from PS4 lol. I'll go and edit my posts so there is no confusion, thank you for pointing that out.
  9. Noticed a lot of people having trouble getting devmenu to load up or finding a "Pokemon Quest" title as a donor. Here is a pre-packed Devmenu using "Gear Club Ultimate" as a donor game. Just make sure you are using SXOS 1.3 and drop this "sxos" file into the ROOT of your SD Card (be sure to unzip it before loading it on SD Card). sxos (DevMenu)/Gear Club Ultimate as Donor
  10. Pseudonymous

    [SOLVED] Cannot get Dev Menu to run on SX OS 1.3

    Download This sxos.zip(devmenu) folder to the Root of your SD Card, The game will show up as "Drive Club Ultimate" but once you start the game the DEVMENU should load up. Just be careful scrolling through the menus, it will freeze up randomly sometimes if you scroll to the bottom and will have to hard reset your console. Edit: Just noticed I forgot to Zip this file, BRB with a zipped file shortly. Edit 2 : link fixed!
  11. Pseudonymous

    [REQUEST] Ghost 1.0 eshop

    Thank You r0bot!!! Great find!
  12. Pseudonymous

    [help] devmenu with low capacity game

    Only game that will serve as a proper Donor for me is Drive Club at the moment, it has almost an 8 GB footprint on my Micro SD but is very stable compared to other games I tried using as donors for Devmenu. Couldn't find an XCI of pokemon or even sure if one exists.
  13. Pseudonymous

    [REQUEST] Flinthook & Immortal redneck

    Flinthook & Immortal Redneck IDs & TKs
  14. Pseudonymous

    [Request] Runbow

    Runbow ID & TK