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  1. [REQUEST] Ghost 1.0 eshop

    Thank You r0bot!!! Great find!
  2. [help] devmenu with low capacity game

    Only game that will serve as a proper Donor for me is Drive Club at the moment, it has almost an 8 GB footprint on my Micro SD but is very stable compared to other games I tried using as donors for Devmenu. Couldn't find an XCI of pokemon or even sure if one exists.
  3. [REQUEST] Flinthook & Immortal redneck

    Flinthook & Immortal Redneck IDs & TKs
  4. [Request] Runbow

    Runbow ID & TK
  5. [Request] The Fall: Unbound

    ID- 01003e5002320000 TK- 2fb52ffd5f8269fdbf836b7f84f8ded9
  6. The Fall 2, wrong title ID and/or key, will update if I find the correct ones. Edit: ID- 01003e5002320000 TK- 2fb52ffd5f8269fdbf836b7f84f8ded9
  7. SX OS 1.3 Removed

    Just checked the official SX OS website to see if 1.4 was released, I noticed 1.3 was removed and replaced with a broken link for 1.2. I have SX OS 1.2 & 1.3 if anyone needs them. Hopefully it's just an oversight and nothing terrible happened. Edit: Link for 1.3 on their website is still hosting the file - [Hidden Content] Edit 2 : Team Xecuter has fixed the link. The link above works also.
  8. [GDRIVE] Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy - NO ADS

    Thank you!