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  1. Pseudonymous

    Forgotton Anne [NSP] Google Drive

    very strange, it didn't work the first few times I tried. Thank You!
  2. Pseudonymous

    Forgotton Anne [NSP] Google Drive

    password is not working
  3. Pseudonymous

    [GDrive] Mega Man 11 NSP [DUMP+UPDATE+DLC]

    piss off with your 1000 "click here to continue" links...nothing but ads here, don't bother trying to download anything from this guy....links to malware galore
  4. Pseudonymous

    [Diablo III - Ethernal Edition][NSP][Mega][Google Drive]

    thank you sir!
  5. Pseudonymous

    [Diablo III - Ethernal Edition][NSP][Mega][Google Drive]

    Decryption key please?
  6. Big Sale on all Sandisk Micro SDXC's for the Nintendo Switch: [Hidden Content]
  7. Trying to get back into some of the games on The Playstation 1, but I'm having issues with the PSX ReArmed on RetroArch for Silent Hill not displaying the Fog correctly (Fog looks like a rainbow of shadows). I've seen a few videos of people running Playstation emulation on the Switch through a EMU called "Mednafen Beetle PSX", but The newest version of RetroArch only provides the PSX ReArmed EMU and not Beetle PSX. Beetle PSX has bitmask support and I guess that's what Silent Hill needs to display the fog correctly. If anyone has this Mednafen/Beetle PSX EMU that is compatible with RetroArch please post a link to where I can download this EMU, Thanks in advance!
  8. Pseudonymous

    [REQUEST] Hungry Shark World

    (Pastebin) Hungry Shark World ID/TK
  9. Pseudonymous

    [REQUEST] NBA Playgrounds - Enhanced

    (Pastebin) NBA Playgrounds Enhanced ID/TK
  10. Pseudonymous

    request neverout

    (Pastebin) Neverout ID/TK
  11. Pseudonymous

    kingdom lands

    (Pastebin) Kingdom : New Lands ID/TK
  12. Pseudonymous

    [Request] Guns, Gore and Cannoli

    (pastebin) Guns, Gore, & Canolli ID/ TK
  13. Pseudonymous

    Request HAND OF FATE 2

    (pastebin) Hand of Fate 2 ID & TK
  14. Pseudonymous

    Request: them bombs

    (pastebin) Them Bombs Title ID & Keys
  15. Pseudonymous

    [SOLVED] Cannot get Dev Menu to run on SX OS 1.3

    You are very welcome! Happy Gaming Yes, I meant Gear Club Ultimate....must have been thinking Drive Club from PS4 lol. I'll go and edit my posts so there is no confusion, thank you for pointing that out.