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  1. I had the same problem. If you are on sx os, get that to 2.6.1 and update switch to 7.0.1 and you will be fine after that.
  2. This is the third game I've downloaded (all from different uploaders) and each one of the nsp is just a white square that fails to install properly. Am I missing something here? EDIT: Nvm, updating sx os to 2.6.1 fixed the issue. Weird but thanks for the upload!!
  3. phazonknight

    Final Fantasy 7 Mods

    Cheers man! I appreciate it, I'll work on that
  4. phazonknight

    Final Fantasy 7 Mods

    Ok I'll do that now then. Does tinfoil still work? I've been using the sx installer for those needs. But you lucked out lol some people updated and had to wait months before they could use their switch again lol
  5. phazonknight

    Final Fantasy 7 Mods

    I used the homebrew that lets me transfer things to my SD card without turning off the switch, I wonder if that would affect it? Hey badman how has the latest sx update been treating you? No issues or anything? Maybe I should update and try again.
  6. phazonknight

    Final Fantasy 7 Mods

    I'm in the same boat as you. I've modded Skyrim before and it worked but since it was Skyrim and I was tired of it crashing because I had the habit of looking at the screen I decided to get rid of it. I don't think I've modded anything since and I've updated my sx os to 2.5.2 (I'm not on the newest version since I've read that 2.6 breaks layeredfs so that might be what you are experiencing perhaps?). I'll try to mod Skyrim again and see if mods work on my version and then we can work from there to see what makes ff7 not work for us.
  7. Tried installing this on SX OS 2.5.3 since LayeredFS is broken on 2.6 and it didn't work for me. Placed in titles folder and ran the game (in NSP format) and it looks like none of the mods are activated. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  8. phazonknight

    AdBlocker Issue

    Same problem on my end. Uninstalled adblocker and still saying adblock detected
  9. phazonknight

    [1F] Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA DLC .nsp

    Am I doing something wrong? Everytime I try to open these .rar files I get that they are corrupted and damaged?? Any help would be appreciated!!