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  1. makross123

    -REQUEST- Child of Light

    hi I would like to request Child of Light
  2. makross123

    NES Online Mod (EXTRA ROMS)

    ok, didnt work for me , i gotta be doing something wrong,, thanks for your help !
  3. makross123

    NES Online Mod (EXTRA ROMS)

    sorry, its "titles" ..... sorry im trying to figure out how to use the discord, doyou just copy the folders/files to the directory and launch the nintendo nsp ?
  4. makross123

    NES Online Mod (EXTRA ROMS)

    using sxos , it looks like sxos/titles/0100d870045b6000/romfs/title/"CL folders"
  5. makross123

    NES Online Mod (EXTRA ROMS)

    how did you get it to work, i made a sxos/titles folder and it did nothing