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  1. Jabberwockie

    Phantom Doctrine

    The game is out on Thursday and would appreciate it as soon as dumped. Many thanks.
  2. Jabberwockie

    Xbox emu soon

    The Xbox Emu can't even run full speed on a powerful gaming rig, Switch has no chance lol
  3. I found the XCI wouldn't mount from main link. Installed it instead and works fine. Cheers
  4. Works flawlessly on 7.0.1 with SX OS. Thanks
  5. The ChaOS mod works fine on SX OS
  6. Jabberwockie

    Final Fantasy XII - Zodiac Age

    Seeing as this releases the same day as X and X-2, any early leak of this would be appreciated
  7. Jabberwockie

    Yoshi's Crafted World (My Last Release / Leak)

    Can confirm working using the XCI on SX OS 2.6 on 7.0.1 firmware
  8. Jabberwockie

    Power Rangers: Battle For the Grid 3/26/2019

    It's out over in the Switch Games sub forum
  9. Jabberwockie

    Final Fantasy VII

  10. Jabberwockie

    Request - Motorsport Manager

  11. Jabberwockie

    Request - Motorsport Manager

    Bump - Willing to offer a bounty of the cost of the game if someone is able to dump it. Bounty to be paid once dumped
  12. Jabberwockie

    Request - Motorsport Manager

    Game is out on Friday so thought would put the request in now so if anyone would be kind enough to dump it on or before release, would be appreciated
  13. Jabberwockie

    (Google Drive) Hard West (Eshop) ** 3/8/2019 **

    Cheers. Works a treat on SX OS 2.5.3 on 6.2 firmware Use Gold Leaf to install.