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  1. this is minor change. some detail below. ----- A new update has just gone live for Xenoblade Chronicles 2. You can now access version 1.5.2. The main highlights are the additions of Elma and Corvin, who were just revealed today. After defeating Elma in Challenge Mode’s Otherworldly Fighter, she can be used as a Blade. Corvin is in as a Rare Blade for Expansion Pass owners. Below are the full patch notes: Changes and New Features Added functionality to receive Corvin, the third and final round of rare blades from the Expansion Pass.A core crystal is available that will guarantee bonding with Corvin. Corvin possess the following characteristics: Added functionality to the Expansion Pass to receive new challenges for the “Challenge Battle: Nopondemonium” called “Otherworldly Fighter” and “Poisoned Paradise.” “Flawless Noponstone” has been added as an item available from treasure chests in the “Challenge Battle: Nopondemonium” of the Expansion Pass. Added items that can be acquired in exchange for Flawless Noponstones to the “Challenge Battle: Nopondemonium” section of the Expansion Pass. A Pouch Item Emporium and Noponstone exchanger have also been added to the “Challenge Battle: Nopondemonium” section of the Expansion Pass. The track “Uncontrollable” from Xenoblade Chronicles X has been added to the options available when choosing which music will play during battles with unique monsters via the “Special BGM” selection. Credit: [Hidden Content]
  2. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 [0100e95004038000] * new file update 720896 & DLC update * (version 1.5.2)
  3. Splatoon 2 *** Update August 8, 2018 ***
  4. Gal*Gun 2 (18+) [JP][EU][0100803005d52000] base 0 + update 196608 DLC Packs DLC001 Bonus costumes limited edition for Japan DLC002 Bubble Bath Bikini Set DLC003 Meowvelous Sweater Set DLC004 Classy Bunny Girl Set DLC005 Angelic Nurse Set DLC006 Super-short Cheongsam Set DLC007 Black & White Bikini Set DLC008 Fighting Spirit Academy Uniform Set DLC009 Venus Soccer Uniform Set DLC00a Tiger-striped Oni Bikini Set DLC00b Kung-fu Cutie Set DLC00c Sexy Shrine Maiden Set DLC00d Alluring Belly Dancer Set DLC00e Fancy Maid Mini-skirt Set DLC00f Pole Position Pin-up Set DLC010 Risque Apron Set DLC011 Alice in Doki Doki Land Set DLC012 Vice Cop Set DLC013 Racy Ribbons Set DLC014 Sergeant Suspenders Set DLC015 S-Class Demon Buster Suit Set DLC016 Slime Time Set Download : Drive Link
  5. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim [01000a10041ea000][EN,FR,DE,IT,ES,RU] base 0 + update 65536 DLC Language Pack DLC001 German Language Pack DLC003 Spanish Language Pack DLC004 French Language Pack DLC005 Italian Language Pack DLC008 Russian Language Pack Download : [Hidden Content] Note : About Language Pack choose by change language of NS System.
  6. ViTy

    Request - Pinball FX 3 All Tables Unlocked

    Pinball FX3 [0100db7003828000] base 0 + update 196608 DLC PackDLC001 Portal ® Pinball DLC002 The Walking Dead Pinball DLC003 Balls of Glory Pinball DLC004 Aliens vs. Pinball DLC005 Universal Classics™ Pinball DLC006 Iron & Steel Pack DLC007 Medieval Pack DLC008 Sci-Fi Pack DLC009 Core Collection DLC00a Zen Classics DLC00b Carnivals and Legends DLC00c Jurassic World™ Pinball DLC00d Bethesda® Pinball Download [Drive] : [Hidden Content]
  7. Add Download EU version (Drive) : [Hidden Content]
  8. Hi, what error number, sometime filename is long over, I re-check again all file is ok, test by sx os 1.4.
  9. sorry, i was change link and name for protected from hotlink. process is success, you can get it now.