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  1. It's granted to players via loot boxes which in turn requires an online connection so if you're banned, there's no way of getting them. Same goes for any game that has loot boxes such as Trials Rising etc (if anyone knows of a method to get this loot or unban consoles to enable such in-game rewards, that would be cool). Fatalities can be unlocked by searching the button inputs online and performing them.
  2. The characters aren't available yet. This just unlocks them when the update comes out that adds them into the game. The game isn't even out yet so it'll be a while
  3. Downloaded twice and both times when playing it gets to the intro and says it's corrupt
  4. Okay just a heads up, I managed to fix my situation. It appears Retroarch doesn't like it when you batch copy from another source. Be sure to create each roms folder separately and copy the roms into them. Don't highlight all rom folders and copy them all at once.
  5. Can anyone help? I'm at my wits end. Installed Retroarch, placed my roms folder in the SD root, fired up Retroarch and the only folder within my roms folder that is visible to Retroarch is my mame folder. This means my NES, SNES, Megadrive and Game boy Advance folders, all filled with roms, aren't playable because Retroarch doesn't see them! Help!
  6. Says it's unlinked and requires verification from Nintendo??
  7. Says that it's not linked so can't play it???
  8. CooPS3k

    NES Online Mod (EXTRA ROMS)

    The extra games are added on top of the games already available for Nintendo Online, River City Ransom being one of them
  9. CooPS3k

    NES Online Mod (EXTRA ROMS)

    Please add......something! So much for the daily updates ?
  10. CooPS3k

    NES Online Mod (EXTRA ROMS)

    It seems pretty simple to replace games with new roms but I want to expand my library
  11. CooPS3k

    NES Online Mod (EXTRA ROMS)

    How do you add new roms including the box art images??Wouldn't it be easier to tell us how rather than requesting games then waiting??