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  1. Karmarge

    Request: Amine Movie Player .nsp homebrew download

    Hey, at the day of today, you can't use the Anime Movie Player as video player like VLC, because of two things : First of all, we can't talk of anime movie player as a real homebrew , because without being too technical, the mp4 is directely into the application , which means in order to watch your own mp4, you need to recompile the app with the mp4 inside, which is a bit diffcult without tutorial from the devs. I've got the .nsp of the anime movie player, it actully does nothing than crashes Secondly, the devs uses the Nintendo SDK to use the own player of the switch , which is illegal, that's why you can't find it in Gbatemp for example. Also , these tools needs to be use precautionlly. I suggest you to wait a real player , without having to made a application for only 1 mp4. NSPower from XorTroll is being developped right now , and will have a mp4 player. I hope this answers to your question
  2. Karmarge

    NSP files -> decrypted NCA -> LayeredFS with updates

    I can confirm , with the new patches , you can install any game , any update and any dlc ( without SX OS of course) so enjoy it You should also check ReiNX when a true DevMenu.nsp will come out, since I think we're at the end of LayeredFS because we can now enjoy any game really easilly.
  3. Karmarge

    NSP files -> decrypted NCA -> LayeredFS with updates

    Hey @locomariachi , the titlekeys of updates and DLC are two differents ones,( and also their titleid for the DLC) About the titlekey , I think you're right and I gave you the wrong titlekey for the update , so try with this one : 28735d334cbe49b5433141f6fd37e2fe ( I'll edit in my post). About the DLC , CDNSP-GUI provided my the titlekeys so again , you should use CDNSP-GUI , it will give all the titlekeys. Here are the titlekeys for the DLCs ( US version ) . TitleID : 01003bc0000a1064 ; titlekey : 554b72ef3cb9d024f2ab41d61698c0f3 TitleID : 01003bc0000a1065 ; titlekey : 809148b724a07f2e7a2a7f4b1be0b6b2 Like @locomariachi said , I used Pinball FX3 to play Wolf II. If you have the same question for other games, I post all the "results" of the test here : [Hidden Content] . You can find all the games working with LayeredFS. You can also post your results on the website with this link : [Hidden Content]
  4. Karmarge

    NSP files -> decrypted NCA -> LayeredFS with updates

    Hey, I was in the same situation as you, and I've got the solution. I've found someone who created a tool to extract NSP , NCA and XCI , with update , directly into romfs.bin and exefs folder, here is the link : [Hidden Content] To use it , you'll need two things : 1- The game you want to have and the update if you want to update it and 2- The titlekey of the game if it's a eshop game and the titlekey of the update, which is a little bit more tricky to found, but don't worry, I'll explain you how to have all the keys. To get the update and it's titlekey, you have two method : the first one is to get CDNSP-GUI. Then , when you've setup the program, choose your game and in the download options, choose update only. The update will download. To get the titlekey, you'll need to see the cmd panel: you'll see a line named "Titlekey :" with the titlekey. Copy it and keep it some where. The second method is more easy but I saw that the tool was taken down : download HACDN, and you can have the titlekey really easy : in the main depistory of the app, open the. txt file with the titleid of your game and you'll have your update titlekey. If you want to update an eshop game , you'll need to decrypt the .nca file with the titlekey of the game if you've already extract it , or if it's an .nsp file, just follow the tool. Here is a link to find the titlekeys : Now you can use the first tool to update your game ( you'll still need to update the main.npdrm though.) For the games that have physical release, You should get the xci file instead of the eshop realese : I've try it with the eshop release of Skyrim or Wolfenstein 2, but the games with their update don't work, since I forgot to decrypt them. Their physical realse work prefectly though so you should use them instead. Since I have the titlekey of the games that you want, here is the update titlekey of some games: Wolfenstein II : 6db14637d84d36c358d8c423f880b894 L.A Noire : 434002e9dce92a59def7a9fe07f9fa26 Xenoblade II : 5635ddb840695f66c4b4fca67a4b6c73 Splatoon II : 28735d334cbe49b5433141f6fd37e2fe Skyrim : 39d8e39e3509f96515f1d102fc5465cb Voilà, I hope you've understand the most of the things I've said ( sorry if my english is bad sometimes, I'm not a native speaker) , you can ask your questions if you have some troubles
  5. Hey, I got a problem and a request. First, does anyone have the titlekey for Hollow Knight since it's not in the website ? When I want extract PFS0 of Senran Kagura, it only gives me files less than 192 ko. Have you a solution for that ?
  6. Thanks man, I've been trying this since 1 week and you came as a savior