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  1. cloow

    CDNSP 4.1 CERT. error

    we need to wait for a new cert... we're waiting for this moment, they are doing something on eshop...
  2. download xci,nsp v0 e nsp update, mount on sd xci nsp e nsp update, now installa nsp e nsp udpate... i've sx os
  3. i'm uploading my xci on switch then try to apply nsp on xci file...
  4. sorry, i need to install xci and then put nsp and install it? if i install only the nsp sx os give me error.
  5. cloow

    [SO] L.A. Noire NSW eShop - iND

    someone could confirm that this version is playable!?
  6. have u seen this thread on twitter?
  7. u always send log to nintendo if u go online
  8. big hugs from italy