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  1. salman511sultan

    Little Town Hero

    its an eshop game only so leaks wont happen
  2. salman511sultan

    Dragon Quest XI S?

    why we still here just to suffer
  3. salman511sultan

    Spyro Reignited Trilogy

  4. salman511sultan

    Astral Chain

    bruh moment
  5. salman511sultan

    Luigi's Mansion 3

    i want the legend of zelda breath of the wild 2 leaked now
  6. salman511sultan

    request- Yoshi Crafted World

    faker daker
  7. salman511sultan

    request- Yoshi Crafted World

    ETA 5
  8. salman511sultan

    request- Yoshi Crafted World

  9. salman511sultan


    city of brass is very cool i hope it get dumped soon
  10. salman511sultan

    2019 Games Release?

    you welcome
  11. salman511sultan

    Tekken 7 online Tournamet on my ps4 pro

    i have a problem playing tekken 7 online Tournamet on my ps4 pro when a match starts to play my ps4 pro shutsdown for no reason and i played other online modes and offline modes too i dont have the problem its just the online Tournamet mode anyone have the issue and sorry for my bad english
  12. salman511sultan

    2019 Games Release?

    animal crossing and luigis mansion 3 dont have a release date yet but yoshis crafted world will release in march 29