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  1. This is great man thanks so much! Can't wait to get this installed..when I start to solder the e3 linker later this week
  2. Khan-innator

    [DB] How to Check Minimum Firmware Version

    @thafloorguy I meant ACTUALLY downgrading it using the E3 flasher
  3. Khan-innator

    [DB] How to Check Minimum Firmware Version

    I might run an experimebt to do this, its tricky but ill take one for the team but you may have to wait a month
  4. Nice one man! This will definitely help many, and now that you have a PS4, does this work on that console too? Or is it more restricted?
  5. used this program years ago, a great download! but with the lack in good file hosting services its getting harder and harder to find good hosts
  6. Khan-innator

    [WIIU] Basic Dos and Donts of vWii modding

    Well considering this is not your work, yes. But if you created the tutorial yourself then you don't have to, of course.
  7. Khan-innator

    [WIIU] Basic Dos and Donts of vWii modding

    Wherever, source it, it's not yours so it'd be kind to at least give credit Shnitzels, not neogaf I meant gbatempt
  8. Khan-innator

    [WIIU] Basic Dos and Donts of vWii modding

    I suggest sourcing where this is from, yes I know larsenv this is from neogaf
  9. Please don't spam, say something useful or don't say anything at all. This is a warning. Just please don't spam, ok? thank you and goodbye
  10. Khan-innator

    Happy Birthday Topic

    happy birthday
  11. Khan-innator

    Teenage mutant ninja turtles wii

    hey guys can i get this game please? thanks, i dont want the smashup version please, im having trouble finding this game, all the ones i find is the smash up version, and my torrent isnt going that fast, so can i get download links that work with preemlinks? thanks
  12. Khan-innator

    [MF] DriverPack Solutions 12.3 Full

    thanks alot man
  13. The Wii U GamePad is a wonderful device — a game controller with a high-res touch screen which can be used for all sorts of things, from gaming, to Internet browsing, to video watching etc. But so far, video streaming to the GamePad was limited to YouTube (which these days doesn’t even work properly), and the official media apps. Now a developer has created a custom Wii U media streaming server that’ll let you stream videos and movies from your PC and Mac to the Wii U and the GamePad. Check out the tutorial video below: [hide][Hidden Content]] Source: WiiUDaily heres another video too that credits to JJ because he showed me enjoy
  14. Khan-innator

    [PS2] Softmod a Slim PS2

    i dont like being harrassed jk, sure, whatever floats your boat
  15. Khan-innator

    [PS2] Softmod a Slim PS2

    im the one that uploaded the damn file jk and...ermm...i dunno.....if you want you can but if daveo comes back then he has the right to claim it back in case he doesn't like the idea thanks man