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  1. MLS

    [UL] Nintendont for Wii U and Wii

    Thanks for this BM, just got it installed and it's up and running great.
  2. Thanks man! My copy stopped working on me, so I'm downloading yours to see if it's just the copy and not the Wii being screwy with me
  3. MLS

    What Are You Listening To?

    Just threw on deaumau5's new album. Heard a bit of it during his iTunes Festival performance last week so I figured I'd check it out. Sounds good so far. [Hidden Content]
  4. MLS

    July 16th, 2012

    My mom has an iPad and I may pick one up myself at some point soon.
  5. MLS

    July 15th, 2012

    An iPhone 4S
  6. Pounds JJ, not dollars, lol. If it retails at $299 or lower I'll be happy.
  7. MLS

    Zelda Rock Album Available Now

    Awesome, thanks!
  8. Nintendo Power is a joke. Metroid Prime 3 was the first game to get a perfect 10/10 review from them, yet it's not included at all? Pathetic.
  9. MLS

    Wiiflow r426 3.0 Alpha 3 official release

    I tried out this version a little while ago but it wouldn't pick up my HDD, so I'm back on 2.2
  10. MLS

    June 26th, 2012

    If there were more games worth buying I totally would.
  11. MLS

    June 25th, 2012

  12. MLS

    Black Screening Games

    So I got it to work again! Along with the masterful help of @ShadowPuppet, we managed to install a brand new laser that I ordered, attach it to the disc drive, and then put the Wii back together completely. So not only is my disc drive fixed, but so are the USB loading troubles I posted about in this topic! All my games are working perfectly again. Here's our work station, with Shadow working away
  13. Yeah they're not thinking of launching a successor anytime soon, they're just planning ahead, like everyone said. Every company has to do that. As an example, when Steve Jobs passed away, rumour had it that he left Apple with 4 years of products in the pipeline. It's never about the now, it's always about the future, so it's good Nintendo is thinking that way too.
  14. Sorry Mr. Iwata, but you're so so so so wrong. How can he think that the next generation systems won't offer improvement in power, graphics, and performance? That's the very reason for introducing a new console, to beef up the power and offer some new features. The fact that the Xbox 720 and PS4 weren't released during E3 this year pretty much confirms that fact. Everyone knows that rumours have been floating around that Sony wants to put 4K support into their new system, but why do that and release it now? 4K technology is not only expensive, but 4K TVs aren't even in production yet, and won't be until at least next year. So they'll wait for the prices to come down and the TVs to be in the hands of more consumers before releasing their system. It only makes sense. As for Microsoft, well, they're taking a different approach, trying to get into the living room entertainment business with the Xbox, and focusing less on the games. That's fine, but it also means that Microsoft doesn't need to put out another system with better hardware yet, because the things that they're pushing don't require more power. But when 4K becomes more prevalent and Blu-Ray is a necessity, they'll have to upgrade the hardware. My point is that Mr. Iwata's claims that the next gen consoles won't offer performance and graphical improvements is way off, because the technology just isn't here yet to mass produce a console with a large improvement in power and graphics. He's essentially saying that MS and Sony aren't going to strive to improve technology because it'll be a "struggle for developers", which makes absolutely no sense. If that were true, no technology would ever advance, in any area.
  15. MLS

    June 19th, 2012

    Nope, never have.