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Everything posted by Diegoarg64

  1. Thank you very much turbo
  2. The archives are gone, please reupload, thanks
  3. Its Error to open link, thanks you very much
  4. The file says japan, european or japan file really? Thanks softcobra you are the man
  5. All dlc and updates are in that xci? Thanks
  6. Diegoarg64

    👍 SEGA AGES Wonder Boy Monster Land + Update

    Error link, thanks for fix it
  7. Diegoarg64

    Nintendo Switch Firmware 8.1.0

    Installed and perfect, thanks you very much
  8. For now all the games run fine in 8.0.1,.maybe the future games need new update or maybe someone can path them
  9. Dont update, stay on 8.0.1, dont update to 8.1, i seems broke all the cfw
  10. I dont see the link, only the tittle but dont the link, thanks you very much
  11. Thanks for torrent, is the best choice for download, thanks
  12. Update 104 16gb is your first post but now the link is 22gb update, the two are equal? Thanks
  13. Whats the diference between update 104 16gb and upd 104 22gb? I dont understand, thanks
  14. Then the game is (6.5gb the game) +25gb update the result is 22.5gb? I have the same result, i thought 34.1 gb will be total, but i saw many people have 22.5gb result, thanks for your answer.
  15. 22.5gb or 34.2 gb is the final result? You use 16 or 25gb update 1.0.3? Thanks
  16. Whats the diference between update 1.0.3 16gb and update 1.0.3 25gb?
  17. 25.2gb (game + 1.03 16gb) is ok, but 34.2gb (game +1.03 25gb) doesnt exist? Thanks
  18. The update ff x 2? Thanks softcobra I see in google srive the update for x2 thanks softcobra
  19. If you pack the nsp and upd with nscb 0.81 and patch with option fw 7.0.1 in xci, works with update in fw 7.0.1 sxos 2.6.1 mounting xci file pack