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Everything posted by Diegoarg64

  1. The update is incorrect zone, dont work with this version, thanks you
  2. in sx os 2.4 ofw 6.2, error , with tinfoil fw ignore option (no) because i have last fw 6.2, install and work perfect
  3. I found the answer, and show you and the oders friends of this nice family group, thanks softcobra for your excelent job
  4. I installed but nothing new in the rooster, or is in a special mode, i dont see nothing new after install all dlc, thanks for your answer
  5. I have a question, i have sx os and ofw 6.1 ,there are updates that ask me to update firmware after install(xenoblade 2.0.2) , what can i do? Thanks
  6. Excuse me, i download updates rollercoaster and trailblazer from softcobra page, i cant install with sx os 2.3 in ofw 6.1.0, tinfoil dont work too, please help me oh softcobra lord, thanks
  7. Thanks, do you have update Capcom beat em up?, thanks, you are the best man
  8. Why tinfoil, i use sx os in firmware 6.1 but i cant install the update, tinfoil is best than sx os or why? Thanks
  9. Sx os dont work, can i use tinfoil on sx os? Is safe to use?
  10. GOOGLE DRIVE please, thanks
  11. Can i update with this nsp overwriting the old update and dlc i was installed 1 month ago?
  12. Diegoarg64


    Xci version? Thanks for your excelent job
  13. I see the pikachu real xci, eeve is a converted nsp to xci or an xci real if you update de files googledrive? Thanks
  14. Thanks for all, is there dlc or the originals jpn will work?
  15. Xci bad dump, no problem we waiting you and thanks too