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  1. why this game when I convert this game to NSP it give me NSP file size 2.96 GB ! However the XCI file size is 14.8 GB ? is there is something wrong ?
  2. Oufai


    [Hidden Content] Down for maintenance, will be back online soon ! link is down please update !it !
  3. install nsp with Tinfoil and it will work no problems !
  4. thanks for sharing and I tested it all Half Life Games working fine but the Doom games not work it give me black screen after lanuch I hope if you find files for dooms games and sharing it with us like Half Life Games 😊 and I hope you have a nice weekend as it New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe out now 😎
  5. Confirm the game working fine and save fine no problems thanks very much Softcobraweb and another link for sharing : [Hidden Content]
  6. Oufai


    password wrong ? HFwspWaHjObLg8ccBxn6kMXjIx58x6LLodWEDMuuLHoCwIFLdr4cYc2EZ8Ykz3YDqUqD2mVOxW154CUET8dRvcFJcvOzPVLJeAWo3QCiG21d3oIXrQfcdXGdasyrB2Ik
  7. Oufai


    31aac594f102b8a8af6fc2908149c5ded08765ec97fcf53504d4755665be4a00.7z. Corrupt file or wrong password.
  8. Oufai

    Smash 1.2.0 Update

    to install this update should I install old update 1.1.0 ?
  9. Oufai

    Reinx error package magic invalid NX-6.2.0!

    I fix the problem from Discord ReiSwitched I get latest Update from there #announcements the problem that I download this update from official web site that not support 6.2.0 yet ! anyway thanks for your reply
  10. Getting error message "Package 2 Magic Invalid Patching OS..." Unsure what I did wrong? Hi I'm on 6.1 Reinx. I updated with Choidujournx (or however it's spelled...the rabbit one), and I've booted into 6.1 Reinx before without issue. I Update my micros SD card to latest ReiNX files (ReiNX-d18c962) I boot with a USB>USB-C with my computer with the TegraRCMGUI. Anyone know a fix? Many thanks!
  11. Oufai

    Easy Pokemon Let's Go Cheats

    good tutorial and fast thank you
  12. How can play online ? please tell me I have cfw ReiNX how I can do that ?
  13. Oufai

    [gdrive] Moonlighter + update

    شكراا ياسطاا thank you man 😘
  14. Oufai


    thank the password is now working I think that because I copy the password with space and that cause the problem any way it is fix now and i hope next time there is no password