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  1. Sorry I not test it on SX OS and I am using Free CFW like ReiNX and Atmosphere and it work for all Firmwares I am using NX-7.0.1 and it work with me
  2. Is I need Previous Update to install this update ?
  3. Looking for NSP Version Please !
  4. Can you convert it to nsp ? try it convert with 4nxci and not convert I think I need keys for this game is not found on my keys.dat However I download latest keys ; NINTENDO SWITCH KEY LIST ; ======================== ; @ub3r1337 201812.08-v6.2 so any help ?
  5. Oufai

    DreamWorks Dragons Dawn of New Riders nsp

    Me too I can not convert it we need a key for this game or some one give us an nsp Game !
  6. Sorry bro but it's your windows problem I think !
  7. is there is any message appear to you when transfer files ? like ( Your device might not be able to play or view this file. ) choose yes your file will be copied . and that OK
  8. Sorry for that but it work with me in my laptop Dell using windows 10 X64 and I not know any think about Mac ! and thanks for let us know yes it is safe with me no problem happened with me I am using CFW 6.2.0 and working good
  9. I am using ps4 remote pkg sender win x64 to send games to my ps4 FW 5.05 . I Stoped the update from setting in system - Auto downloads and unchecked all update to stop download updates ! However most of games is sending without installing updates from sony server ! BUT (the Problem) is when installing PKG Game (God Of War) when try send this game PKG over my network ethernet ! itis not install directly PKG game ! it connect to sony sever to download update with the game !
  10. sorry I donot use mac so I not know if this will work with you try it and let me know Download : [Hidden Content]
  11. This is MTP (across USB) for the Switch ! -just install the Nsp file and open it then connect your switch to your pc and your will find your Switch as Device Download
  12. why this game when I convert this game to NSP it give me NSP file size 2.96 GB ! However the XCI file size is 14.8 GB ? is there is something wrong ?