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  1. Tell that to my level 14 character in Tangledeep LOL Someday I'm gonna bury her for a better build but until then she is blessed by checkpoint!
  2. THANK YOU jguerreroska!!! This base game + 1.1.1 update actually match unlike the others that I've seen posted together... I've finally got ONE placeholder on my home menu again with latest update! Installed w/ tinfoil just fine / running on firmware 6.2.0 with no drama
  3. Well now you can cheese it with a save editor like checkpoint and play for keeps
  4. RQR486


    Yep... after going through all the trouble of creating a new email, registering an account and deciphering their crazy settings; I've just realized that the free 10 GB per account is no longer a thing. PLEASE REMOVE THIS FROM YOUR SIG ( before you waste more people's time) P.S. Thanks anyway
  5. A few weeks later and still no sign on this update? BUMP.
  6. RQR486

    Katana ZERO + Update v1.0.1 (2019-04)

    Can you check the update file? It doesn't appear to be working. [ EDIT: Just noticed that you've gotten so many requests cuz linkzfly is down right now. Hope that isn't too much trouble lol. Good luck! ]
  7. Thank you so much TurboSnail! The NSP and your rebuild of the update are working great for me with tinfoil on 6.2.0! Once again you earn my trust and gratitude 😉
  8. RQR486

    Moonlighter Update 1.9

    I feel like is the switch's version of 1.9 because of this List of Nintendo Switch Updates ( use ctrl+f then Moonlighter) Plus is the most recent update I could find on here and these guys are pretty on top of things.
  9. Thanks a bunch!!! It looks like 2.0.1 just came out a few days ago...
  10. "Version 2.0.2 - General Added support for the upcoming Daisy, Young Link, and Ken amiibo figures. This update also includes various minor gameplay fixes." [ No new playable characters yet ]
  11. RQR486

    Moonlighter Update 1.9

    I decided to take a chance on that file and I think it may have actually downgraded me from to Not cool bro... [EDIT: appears to be 1.9 AKA most recent/friends & foes update -- so go find that instead]
  12. RQR486

    Monster Hunter Generation Ultimate dlc quests

    Hello fellow Hunter! Creep THIS topic a bit... You just gotta download the save file provided by kardell and install it with your preferred backup measure. I have just posted proof that it works wonders on page 3. [WARNING: Must start New Game]
  13. RQR486

    Monster Hunter GU Downloadable Content

    [UPDATE] Alright SO! After backing up my original file with over 200 hours playtime, I tried this out and made the tough choice to forfeit all my work, luck and progress for the sake of all playable EVENT quests and a few bonus Palico skills (from recruiting "special" cats) because I quite like hunting with Palicoes and some of the quest rewards are pretty special once you're able to do HR8. It has taken me weeks to do alone ( I cleared story mode in the process) but I have finally reached HR4 (again) and can now confirm that using this method WILL grant what seems to be complete access to all the extra events! HENCE it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED TO ALL NEW PLAYERS to go the extra mile and install that strange save file with Checkpoint or JKS before you even pluck your first herb or mushroom! Just know ahead of time these event monsters have HUGE hit points and don't go down quickly. Here's some proof! (Note: Name & Armor is Mine w/ mixed Diablos/Valstrax sets) P.S. I created a new hunter file over "vee" and retained all event data