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  1. Go go gaems!
  2. Wow thank you for stickying this I didn't see it until now... You are great and so is the OP. I really needed these files! And no ads?? OMG!!
  3. I don't give a shit what some random website says. Use hactool or nut and look at the NSP yourself. Its a convert. This is why the install fails for the above users, because most nsp installers don't allow you to install converts by default. Not that converts are bad per say, just, its not a legit nsp.
  4. This is NOT a legitimate nsp it is a convert. Stop lying ? keyType = 0 masterKeyRev = 0 ticketId = 0000000000000000 deviceId = 0000000000000000 rightsId = 0100FFFFFFFFF0000000000000000000 accountId = 00000000 titleId = 0100FFFFFFFFF000 titleKey = 00000000000000000000000000000000 titleKeyDec = b'8e92057499a97dd72e009b9a72fc4093' 404 0100FFFFFFFFF000 titleKeyStatus = BAD KEY