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  1. What makes you better, calling others retards? Drop the language!
  2. Any new Info on this? Let's keep it up and "hot" so that mods recognize it.
  3. Oh Hi. Would you please be so kind and change your provider to something everyone can use? GD, Mega, etc. ?
  4. He cross-posts from a German forum. those are not even his own uploads. @Mods: is anyone of you here to take this into account and maybe have a word about this? The poll results are in.
  5. Looks like you're having the same experience as I'm having. as everyone is having ?
  6. I really hope, we can change this.
  7. cris2809 wrote that he find's share-online to be the best for Europeans. Unfortunately, he edited his comment. I'm completing this for everyone who wants to follow: Reply: I'm in Europe, and Shareonline is worthless if you don't have a paid account there. You probably have one as you're in the mygully forums and they use solely SO links there. GD or anything else is so much better. Pair SO with spaste or cutwin and it's obvious you're in the piracy game for the money. It's a punch in everyone's face in here. and doesn't stand for Darkumbra quality, imho. Also the cross-posting of the SO links has become a disease
  8. Over at Darkforums they've banned providers like SO and Uploaded which are artificially capping downloads to an inhuman amount. Also, lots of links form SO have appeared which are cross-posted over gazillions of forums (mygully, etc.). DarkForums has decided to ban those which make downloading tremendously difficult for users. Why not implement this ban here, too? Since DarkUmbra stands for quality, I think lots of people would like to download from GD or 1F rather than from SO and Uploaded. What do you think? @Mods: I'm not trying to judge. This is solely for our public opinion in the hopes that you will see this and act in favor of Dark Umbra's quality