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  1. Hmm, that's weird. I'm straight and I can download without issues from 1fichier. Maybe you're just too gay or too femboy?
  2. the_fyler

    Kirby New Update

    SXOS Users: Be advised that the new Kirby update will require the game to have Firmware 6.2. source: reddit
  3. Thanks so much for this gem. And also (which I haven't mentioned yet): Thanks so much for your DIRECT Download links. Very grateful!
  4. Yes, it has another Title ID than the versino you have installed. You could have installed a version from a different country.
  5. Thanks so much for 1. posting this and 2. not posting monetized mindfuck.
  6. the_fyler

    [Openload/Mediafire] Game Dev Story NSP

    [Hidden Content] direkt link. Cut the fucking spaste and ad links
  7. What makes you better, calling others retards? Drop the language!
  8. Any new Info on this? Let's keep it up and "hot" so that mods recognize it.
  9. the_fyler

    [SO] Six Sides of the World NSW eShop - iND

    No Ads, No Bullshit, No Monetized Links Get it easier here: [Hidden Content] Thanks to realshotgun
  10. the_fyler

    [SO] Boom Ball Boost Edition NSW eShop - iND

    No Ads, No Bullshit, No Monetized Links Get it free here: [Hidden Content] Thanks to realshotgun
  11. the_fyler

    [SO] Battle Group 2 NSW eShop - iND

    No Ads, No Bullsht, No Monetized Links Get it here: [Hidden Content]
  12. No Ads, No Bullshit, No Viruses, and no hidden links. Get it easier here: [Hidden Content] (Thanks to realshotgun)
  13. the_fyler

    [SO] Soulblight REPACK NSW eShop - HK31

    You can download it here without ads, spaste, cutwin and paying links and ads: [Hidden Content]