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  1. slashmegaman

    {Request} MAME romsets for RetroArch

    ive found that using mame2003_plus_libretro_libnx.nro via retronx nsp works for some games, but for reason i still cant get simpsons 4p. to work, if any has any idea on how (i read about combining sets?) any tips would be appreciated. games that worked ive tried include, jurassic park arcade, xmen arcade,
  2. slashmegaman

    [GDRIVE/ZIPPY] DEVMENU 6.x.x NSP / Bonus inside

    any way to get this to work on renix fw 6.20? or do i have to go to atmosphere,
  3. slashmegaman

    request for videos via switch

    any TV show, anime,movie mostly the Simpsons or anime in general really