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  1. Liam81

    Snooker 19 [NSP]+[v65536]

    Cheers Link been waiting on this one
  2. Once tested would someone report back if they've fixed the hanging on update for non linked / banned consoles - thank you
  3. Liam81

    Manga - (x8)

    like it, a very nice mod(shack)
  4. I've tried every version on the site, I can't get 1.0.4 to get past that page - no matter which CFW, which installer or anything I give up at this point
  5. Hangs on Updating Game Data for me, sxos 8.0.1 using your NSP base game and 1.0.4 NSP Update
  6. Hangs on Updating Game Data for me, sxos 8.0.1 using your NSP base game and 1.0.4 NSP Update
  7. Liam81

    Simple Red (NXTheme) - 8x compatible*

    Thank you for this, I prefer more minimalist type designs and this looks great
  8. Liam81

    Stellar Glass (8x Only Theme)

    that's more like it ! thank you
  9. I find you coming onto someone else's thread and calling their work lame a little cheap tbh Sometimes people just want a more basic theme specific to sxos, me being one of them You're work is truly excellent too, but there's something for everyone
  10. @Jabberwockie +1 Please can you fix these for FW 8.0.1 Thank you in advance
  11. YouTube app is working just fine on 6.2 sxos Please note - I did not create this app, it was created by Amoo Arash as stated in the original post - please can people stop sending me private messages - thank you
  12. Thank you so much for your work on this mate, been checking back several times a day every day, look forward to trying them out... massive thank you !
  13. Liam81

    [SX OS Theme] Black and Blue

    thanks mate, that would be great I much prefer the theme you've made to the others