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  1. This is probably child's play to many but for the ones that don't know. Many of the Nintendo Switch game saves are plain text. The ones that are a bit encoded and cannot be read easily with notepad++ can be hex edited. Backup the saves with Checkpoint, grab the saves via FTP, you can connect from your phone using File Commander. Copy the game save to the phone, hex edit, copy back, and inject. I demonstrated this on a YouTube clip. My phone has a screen recorder, to switch to external I initiated the camera and my phone records the viewfinder. This also works well for save files downloaded. Have fun.
  2. Nugem

    New Super Mario Land for SNES

    Looks cool. I might put it on a ROM and play it if the download is available. Nevermind, reviews are not good.
  3. I do not know, I know there are many sites with save files though.
  4. Nugem

    easiest way to ps3 and downloaded games? 2019

    HEN does on the fly RAP to RIFF so as long as the RAPS are in the proper HDD0 folder, exdata.
  5. Just as the title says. Here is a very simple way to edit your saves on the switch and FTP them back to the switch and then inject them with Checkpoint. [Hidden Content] I will send the source code to anyone that wants it.
  6. Nugem


  7. Nugem

    How to download (noob)

  8. Nugem


    File was not my upload and I cannot assure it is safe on rooted devices. Duke Nugem
  9. [Hidden Content] The videos on my YouTube were all deleted but this file should still be hosted. The save is a decrypted PS3 Skyrim save which was then injected onto my Switch and extracted from the Switch just before character creation! DukeNugem