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  1. Has anyone been able to unlock the newly added "bad guy - Billie Version" song that was added last Nov 6, 2019? If so, could you share how you were able to unlock it.
  2. Thanks Cobra. Have a lot of good memories with this franchise since its NES / Famicom iteration. I'm glad that they decided to release a decent Bubble Bobble unlike the butchered version on the PSP.
  3. Hi Cobra, I tried to install the DLCs via tinfoil v6.10... Tinfoil blocked the installation as it detected the there are possible Brick Codes within the DLC nsps.
  4. ^ The Contra Code. Thanks SwitchHax0r. I have already previously enabled Unsigned Cdde on my Tinfoil v5.0.
  5. Thanks very much. I really appreciate this xcz version.
  6. Hi SwitchHax0r, can you make a xcz version of Pokemon Sword like the one you did with Pokemon Shield?