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  1. Hi Turbo, I have tried to visit the link. It's dead. Could you please fix it.
  2. Hi Cobra, link redirects to an error page. It redirects to [Hidden Content] Kindly fix it please.
  3. Thank you for sharing this release Danny.
  4. Thanks for sharing this game Cobra.
  5. . make sure before doing the steps below that you already have an existing savefile of SDGGCRPGSE . download nx-ntpc.nro and place it on your microsd's /switch folder . download the Checkpoint homebrew . place the checkpoint.nro file inside your microsd's /switch folder . go to /switch/checkpoint/saves and extract the content of the "saved file for unlocked Group Dispatch Mode.zip" here . run the checkpoint Homebrew on your Switch . look for the SD Gundam Generation Cross Rays Premium G Sound Edition save file w/in the Checkpoint Dashboard . if the extracted folder from before has been placed correctly on your microsd, you should be able to see this file "20191128-040903" inside it . press A . "20191128-040903" should now be highlighted by default . press the designated button to restore backup. You'll get a notification that the back-up has been successfully restored . exit the Checkpoint Homebrew . make sure that you have enabled Stealth Mode before connecting to your wifi . connect to your wifi, and run the "nx-ntpc" homebrew . press the designated button to execute system time sync . Press the Home Button . disconnect from your wifi connection . run SD Gundam Generation Cross Rays Premium G Sound Edition . start game . select Group Dispatch. It should now be enabled
  6. There's a savefile on Turbo's OneDrive link that unlocks the Group Dispatch Mode after the save file has been restored via Checkpoint. Also, there's a .nro Homebrew that should be executed with Internet connection (Stealth Mode) so that your System Time will get synced with your actual Standard time to not cause further Time Mismatch error when opening Group Dispatch Mode. Why? Bandai Namco has implemented an anti Time Skip Exploit on Group Dispatch Mode. Changing your System Time to hasten the Dispatch Sortie is not possible, as it will cause an error.
  7. Once the LayeredFS cheat has been applied, there's no need for the Edizon cheat to be applied. @LayeredFS Unlocks . 2nd Fatalities unlocked in-game . Brutalities . Collection . 2 Kronika Stages What's nice about the LayeredFS Cheat is that it automatically unlocks these features without the need to turn ON the cheat each time you start the game.