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    Lanus Buenos Aires
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    Video games, Nintendo, Pc, classics movies and much more

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  1. jguerreroska

    Bayonetta 1 & 2 (XCI) GD

    hello friend how are you, thanks for downloading, if you want you can visit my other topics or follow me I have a lot of content and games greetings.
  2. jguerreroska

    Yoshi's Crafted World (NSP) (MG-MF-GD)

    Gracias por reportar ya loe stare revisando, google rive me tiene una batalla me esta eliminando los links de este juego saludos.
  3. jguerreroska

    Yoshi's Crafted World (NSP) (MG-MF-GD)

    bonjour ami comment tu vas, grâce à toi pour le téléchargement, si tu veux tu peux me suivre ou visiter mes autres sujets, j'ai beaucoup de contenu et je garde toujours à jour, salutations
  4. Saludos compañero que bien, si te recomiendo que utilices el GoldLeaf es realmente potente, yo ahora estoy probando su capacidad de instalar por usb desde cliente de pc, instala muy rapido, tiene algunos errores en conexion y demas pero e verdad esta muy bueno, para no sacar y meter en la sd esta de lujo, bueno saludos.
  5. jguerreroska

    Yoshi's Crafted World (NSP) (MG-MF-GD)

    hello friend how are you, I had to find a link from another person to not leave the topic without links since mine took them from me, I'm uploading everything to place them again on other servers, thanks for downloading greetings.
  6. hi friend how are you for reporting, if with tinfoil I have not tried but should install without problems, I install everything with GoldLeaf which is the best results has given me, well thanks for downloading greetings.
  7. hi friend how are you, try installing it with Gold Leaf that allows you to remove the firmware check of the game, so install it on my console, 7.0.1 I leave the link goldleaf greetings. GodLeaf: [Hidden Content]
  8. hi friend how are you, what system software do you have ?, install the update? it is necessary to play it in 7.0.1, and a member reported it, greetings.
  9. jguerreroska

    Yoshi's Crafted World (NSP) (MG-MF-GD)

    hello friend how are you, thanks for reporting, which of the servers is down to review? Thank you.
  10. hello friend how are you, I always announce when I check the status of the links, if they are still available on the servers, I do a constant review of all my links every 3 or 4 days, always wanting to have everything in order so that everyone want to download have the valid and available link, thanks and regards.
  11. Greetings friend thanks for reporting, most likely the update need fw 7 or 8, but I install in 7 with GoldLeaf skipping the check of the firm and worked luxury, thanks for downloading. hello friend how are you, thank you for download and support me, if you want you can check my other topics or follow me, I have a lot of variety of games and I like to upload them on all servers so whoever chooses the one you want, greetings. Gracias amigo como andas, gracias por apoyar y descargar, si deseas puedes seguirme o visita mis otros topics, subo contenido diario o semanal dependiendo lo que venga saliendo, saludos. hello friend how are you, thanks for reporting the operation in this firm, if you want you can follow me or visit my other topics I have a variety of games greetings. Gracias compañero por apoyarme, para eso estamos para compartir todo el contenido que salga, se hace lo posible, mientras muchos podamos disfrutar de los juegos es mejor para todos xD, si deseas puedes visitar mis otros topics o seguirme, siempre coloco nuevo contenido en varios servers para que cada quien escoja, bueno saludos. hello friend how are you, I apologize if you cause any problem, the shortener is one of the best, since e smuy friendly and does not have as much publicity as others, to download you must remove the adblock also always give you deny notifications and give the blue button to continue about 3 or less times always closing pop-ups, well I hope you can download greetings. hello friend how are you, thanks for downloading and helping me, if you want you can follow me or visit my other topics I have a good amount of games I have tried to upload on several servers so that everyone chooses the one they most want, well I hope you enjoy it. hello friend how are you, thank you for downloading and helping me, this is a great community full of people who help, for that we are greetings.
  12. hello friend how are you, if of course I test it in 7.0.1 with SX OS and Atmosphere, with another cfw I do not know if it works but with those two if, if you want you can install it with GoldLeaf and when you ask if you want to install without the Firmware check to say that if to make sure even more that works for you, the game this luxury moves very well greetings.
  13. hi friend how are you, I'm sorry but it is the best shortener I could get and which is very friendly many others fill you with too many ads, so you have no problem you have to give it 3 times to the button and close the pages that opens, if he tells you to accept notifications tell him not to allow and should already let you enter the link, e new thousand apologies greetings.