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  1. jguerreroska

    New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe (NSP) [MG] (NSP-XCI)

    you are welcome my friend, if you want follow me or visit my others topics thx
  2. jguerreroska

    New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe (NSP) [MG] (NSP-XCI)

    hello friend how are you, thanks for reporting this weekend I'm going to review them well, I've been very busy in my work greetings.
  3. saludos como estas, puedo conseguirla, pero para este fin de semana la estoy subiendo okas saludos.
  4. saludos como estas, yo lo estoy jugando en 8.0.1 con atmospere 0.8.9, algunos usuarios reportar que sirve en 7 pero no he probado no se decirte si en 6 funciona saludos.
  5. links revised at 21-05-2019 enjoy it
  6. jguerreroska

    Dead Cells Base game + Update 1.0.2 and 1.1.0, (NSP) (GD)

    links revised at 21-05-2019 enjoy it
  7. jguerreroska

    New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe (NSP) [MG] (NSP-XCI)

    links revised at 21-05-2019 enjoy it
  8. links revised at 21-05-2019 enjoy it
  9. links revised at 21-05-2019 enjoy it
  10. jguerreroska


    hello friend how are you, sorry for answering so late, but I have not had time to review your query, let me see this weekend greetings.
  11. hello friend how are you, thanks again, when you want you can go through my other topics or follow me I have a lot of games and I will always update greetings.
  12. hi friends how are you, in which of the links of google drive have the permissions? I went into my account I have made a lot of things and I need to know what it is to see if I can remove it greetings.
  13. jguerreroska

    Modern Combat Blackout (NSP) [MF-MG-GD]

    ello friend how are you, I recommend you use GoldLeaf, with that you will not have any problem also offers you to install the game without firmware verification I leave the link for you to download greetings. GoldLeaf: [Hidden Content]
  14. -Information- Title: Assassin's Creed® III Remastered Language: ALL Region: EU Format: NSP Size: 13 GB Server: Mega-One Drive- ZippySshare Download Google Drive XCI Google Drive NSP Zippyshare XCI UPDATE (v65536) (1.0.1) Zippyshare Thx for download.