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  1. Bah the Multiplayer Crashes when I click on it after updating, Guess no WAN play
  2. God I hopes its going to have local coop and not just online. The patch comes out 3rd of December
  3. I just had a look, I cant even find it on this site or other sites I use. So weird haha.
  4. Why is this suddenly uploaded? Apparently it was released on Jun 6 according to N site lol, Thank you anyway I was waiting for this for so long i forgot about it.
  5. Possible to get a reupload?
  6. I hope someone puts this on a good site, the new patch seems important.
  7. Thanks for the files, I am also getting an error to play the game after installing the Basegame+updates+DLC when I try to launch it it pops up and says "Checking if you can weither this software can be played.." then pops up and says "some downloadable content cannot be played" and if I hit start software I just get the black screen that says "Could not start the software"
  8. Thank you for the Google Drive upload, alot of the other sites people use are soo bad.
  9. I also updated my firmware to 7.0.1 and the update now works fine thanks for the upload. need 7.0.1 I found out today.
  10. The update doesnt seem to work, says Error:0x236e02 Module:FS (2) Invalid PFS0 (NSP) (4535)
  11. Valdrrak

    Deponia [XCI] (with game info)

    does it work in 6.2?