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  1. Nadiac


    Do you mean this Stargate nx? [Hidden Content] they say can use it with sx os to play over 4000+ switch games, good but the price?
  2. I got the new that Nintendo 3ds 11.9.0-42 has been released, but not sure if I can still use the CFW, Should we update to 3DS 11.9 for using flashcard, cfw and homebrew? they give the answers here: [Hidden Content]
  3. I want to buy my friend recommend 3DS-Flashcard site to me, anyone who has ordered from them?
  4. I got a news from reddit [Hidden Content], Smash Ultimate copies has released, but I think it has the risk, I will recommend to buy SX Pro/SX OS License( 3DS-Flashcard.com provide special voucher code to customer) to hack newest switch games, such as Pokemon, Smash Ultimate and so on.
  5. There is a big news and changes, Hardware exploit still works. CFW just needs to be patched to work on this firmware. the SX OS, ReNix and Atmosphere are blocked, will you upate it? here is a guide: [Hidden Content]
  6. Recent days, I get the information from Skullator, 5 horus after, a free SX Pro will be gave away, [Hidden Content]
  7. It's awsome, thank you. I have just ordered a license yesterday from LinkerFrance, I will try it later. if install a FreeShopNX like this, will I be baned?