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  1. JHumBL3

    👍 Ghoulboy + Update

    When was this update released?
  2. Had anyone out this to work on 7x fw?
  3. The link for the update won't work for me. Any other way to DL it?
  4. JHumBL3


    Mods... Please remove
  5. You have no rep in this forum. Kind of hard to just trust you. I'll wait for reputable member to upload a patch. Looks sketchy
  6. JHumBL3


    Same problem with these 2 nsp's and Rain World! Re re-download still get an error. I'm on 5.1.0 using tinfoil able fw req ignore
  7. JHumBL3

    Zen Bound 2

    Did you check Link420's pinned post or Softcobraweb's pinned post? I only DL from them.