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  1. daren1994


    no problem.
  2. daren1994


    you have to use 7zip. not winrar
  3. daren1994

    Smash 1.2.0 Update

    2.4 was released today.
  4. i couldn't install either and im on 6.2 on sxos 2.4
  5. daren1994


    nope.you can just install this update. updates are cumulative. every new update contains what previous updates had as well.
  6. ","html","ipsMessage_error","addClass","ipsMessage_success","removeClass","ipsHide"];var box=$(_0xcbff[0]);if($(_0xcbff[3])[_0xcbff[2]](_0xcbff[1])){box[_0xcbff[9]](_0xcbff[8])[_0xcbff[7]](_0xcbff[6])[_0xcbff[5]](_0xcbff[4])};box[_0xcbff[9]](_0xcbff[10]) Both on 6.1.0 Skip works on 4.1.0 Enjoy. you tested on sxos?
  7. thanks. do you have the second volume?
  8. it has the japanese verisons and international versions of each game. kind of like how the x collection is. other than that, nothing new.
  9. I forgot that this released a few days ago. Hope anyone is able to upload it.
  10. daren1994


  11. daren1994

    Pokemon Let's Go! Pikachu & Eeve PACK in 1 XCI!

    how did they even do this? the file is trimmed as well. is this considered a custom xci file if it's put together?
  12. exactly. i did that as soon as i finished downloading both. they are the real deal but haven't tested them yet.
  13. i tried to find out for you but the password won't open the file.