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  1. OMG321

    [1F] Cuphead_Update_v1.2.4_NSW-SUXXORS

    Thanks for the post, but I can never get the actual download URL with all the adds! Can you try a different site? It's crazy
  2. OMG321


    Thanks for the torrent
  3. Working for me on SXOS 2.6.2 beta, 7.0.1. Thanks!
  4. follow this guide. you will need ChoiDujourNX. It's linked in the guide. [Hidden Content] Edit: oh, and I don't mess around with emunand to be honest. I've always just followed those steps for the offline update.
  5. Same exact thing happened to me. Once I updated to 7.0.1 the icon fixed and I could go into the game again... On SXOS 2.6.1 beta
  6. the DLC that goes with the XCI doesn't seem to be a valid .RAR file. 7zip won't do anything with it.
  7. Worked for me using given method with SX installer. Thanks for the share!
  8. Any concern over save file corruption after installing piranha plant DLC? I heard some people were having issues with that update.
  9. How do you use this ClicksFly site? You click the captcha but no link ever appears. Looking for Starlink update 1.0.3 if it matters: [Hidden Content] EDIT: working for me now. Must look for "click here to continue"
  10. Hopefully the Mods continue doing what they're doing and ignore this thread. Huge circle-jerk that will change nothing. Cry babies here about f*cking captchas... It's FREE games people. Quit your bitching.
  11. AMEN Poster above you does not get it. Your analysis is spot on: people should have no expectations on this site. ANYTHING you get is a bonus considering this a free site.
  12. I don't know why people have such issues with Spaste. For me, go through the sequence once, and it works. And like some other people have said... no bans. If you don't like the host, don't download from it. Wait until someone else uploads Google Drive. Personally, I'd prefer to see more TORRENTS. realshotgun has an awesome post containing torrents as we know. Best thread out there IMO.