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  1. getting an error on install via goldleaf over usb. What did you use to install Link?
  2. Yeah I got them, like I said, base game seems fine, but the update was causing problems. I'll do a full reinstall later tonight and see if I have better luck.
  3. I'm on 8.1 and can't get the update to work either. Base seems fine.
  4. Upgraded to 8.1 and AMS 9.3. Reinstalled fresh, still fails. Did 9.3 need new sigpatches or something?
  5. Think i'm still on ams 9.2, i'll update that tonight and see.
  6. xlim3ydarkumbra

    PC Building Simulator [NSP] (with game info)

    Quota exceeded, no option to copy Same for Never Give Up link as well.
  7. Hrm, unfortunately that didn't work either. Unless I did it wrong, I haven't touched the sigpatches in a long time. I just updated the files from the most recent archive I could find and replaced them within the Atmosphere and Atmosphere Sig Patches folders on my SD card. Does this need 8.0.1 FW? I'm still on 7.0.1
  8. So i installed the base game and the 2 DLCs, but I still get crashing at startup after profile select. Is there something else I need to do to make it functional?
  9. xlim3ydarkumbra

    [Update] Fire Emblem: Three Houses [v65536]

    Update was good, but when I installed 1 of the DLC, I got a pop up message saying "the downloadable content cannot be played" when launching the game. I still had the option to launch it though. Could be a mismatch between regions?
  10. Installed the nsp via goldleaf/goldtree, was able to start a new game, seems like it's good to go. I'm on .9.2 ams and 7.0.1 switch FW.
  11. Updated my atmosphere to 9.2, still had error. Realized that my SD card was full, so I cleaned out some stuff, and then reinstalled it. Works fine. Man I feel stupid.