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    All over the place, too much to list... I like fun, arts, science, psychology, messing with pc's, music & movie freak, comic books, anime, asian film, etc...

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  1. @Arkanos, weird... Do you use a downloadmanager like Jdownloader? And if you don't, have you tried different browsers too ? My suggestion is a downloadmanager, I rarely download anything without one. I think Jdownloader (2.0 or something, Jdownloader 2), is the one most people use, and the one I've been using for years now ! Incredibly handy app for downloading just about anything... I even use it to download some youtube videos, or the audio of them. Or for grabbing entire albums from Bandcamp (for free ). As well as other sites that host music files like sets that can't be downloaded normally... Jdownloader just checks whatever URL you put in it for any files that can be downloaded, that way it often circumvents for example paying on bandcamp (although of course you don't get the best audio quality, but for rare releases it can be handy...), or if you simply have no option to download a file, Jdownloader will check a page and see what it can grab... (as with youtube for example.) I really recommend it for all downloads... But you probably use it alrady I would guess? I'd think most people on the forums, or who download files regularly use it... But if you still can't grab it with Jdownloader I could upload it to MEGA for you?
  2. feist303

    [MEGA] Some Unreleased NSP Converted Games

    @18Phoenix, I have an NSP for "Azure Striker Gunvolt - Striker Pack". If you have a bit of patience I'll upload a direct link (1fichier) by tonight ! No idea where I got the NSP though, if it's a release or a conversion.... Perhaps when I upload the file I'll be able to tell. All I know that I have it up and running on my Switch !
  3. feist303

    [MEGA] Some Unreleased NSP Converted Games

    First of all thanks for these games! Too bad you're giving up on this project though.... ?
  4. Re-upping this since this has been requested. Please be gentle since his is my first upload I'm not familiar with using 1F as a free user, so in case this file should be separated in any number of smaller files please let me know and have a little patience, and I will do a re-upload as requested (only to 1F though !). Though from what I can see, one zip file even this size, should be fine as long as you use a download-manager ! So hope I am making some users happy with this ! In case something is wrong with this upload please let me know in the comments and I will fix it ASAP !!! [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] This is my first upload, so I hope I did everything correctly. If not please let me know how to improve my upload(s), and I will fix them asap ! Thanks for understanding and I hope this re-upload is satisfying ! Cheers !
  5. feist303

    Psikyo Collection Vol 1 XCI Nintendo Switch

    No idea what this is, but damn this looks ace !!! Cheers
  6. Will do, thank you !!!!!
  7. feist303

    Sinner - Sacrifice for Redemption

    Indeed, I believe I've said about the same with a bit more words, and context... When people are modding something like the NS, where everything is moving so fast, you're about to run into some problems, and new developments anyways... I just have a feeling that many people who complain have already downloaded countless of other games which the O.P. has posted... What's the point in complaining like that? The way I see it we should be real grateful for what we have going here !
  8. feist303

    Sinner - Sacrifice for Redemption

    @AnnaTheNeko, either that, or just go out and BUY the games
  9. feist303

    Sinner - Sacrifice for Redemption

    We're already so lucky we don't have to select cars and fire hoses and crosswalks and trafficlights over and over again until it finally works, and we can download one game, while putting our computers in danger for mallware, for some asshole to proffit of it... I.M.O. the O.P. / Realshotgun has done more than anyone I've yet seen for the Switch scene (as far as delivering to end users ofcourse), and that's over numerous forums. And now we're getting games ahead of release... I think a little less complaining, and making sure you've read everything, and, are doing it correctly, before you commit to downloading something that might not work if you don't have the right software, or just simply click and download to find out it doesn't work... Read what you're getting into... You're getting it before the official release, if it doesn't work then read before you blindly instal it, and else wait until the retail gets posted ! If one person has my trust it's O.P. !!!! Once again, haven't tested this yet but can't thank you enough Realshotgun ! Even if only 1 person would say this worked and 5 other's would say it wouldn't, I'd still give you the benefit of doubt ! The way I see it we're all very blessed with Realshotgun's efforts here !!! THANK YOU !!!!!! If I could repay you in any way I definitely would !
  10. feist303

    Child Of Light NSP NoBS NoADS

    Great game, look forward to replaying this one ! Big cheers !
  11. Wow, amazing !!!! Thank you so much for all your efforts, much appreciated !!!! Big cheeeers !!
  12. feist303

    Chasm NSP NoBS NoADS

    Awesome, thank you !!!!
  13. feist303

    [AC] Sega Saturn Full Romset

    Wow, amazing !!!!! Time to clear up some space on my HD Thank you !!!!!
  14. Wow, nice start of the week ! Big cheers !!!!! I'll be following this, thanks so much !