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  1. have no idea my guy, it's just a trimmed XCI turned into an NSP. only part I'm responsible for is the converting and the uploading. All I can vouch for is the fact that the game runs as intended.
  2. Indeed it do, I ignored firmware on 6.2 and it worked out.
  3. Hey my dudes, I finally succeeded in making a working NSP for caligula effect since none exist yet, so I'm here to share it with y'all. Got some help from some friends at homebrew general. [Hidden Content] As usual, if an idiot like myself can install and play this like any other NSP, then there should be no issues for any of you to shove it into your switch using that mighty tinfoil app, (or one of your choosing.) Ok, enjoy, love you all.
  4. Senpairate

    [Q] Stuck on final character in Smash Bros Ultimate Adventure mode

    enter the treasure chest.
  5. Not that it's a bad thing to be helping others along with getting the process, there's two factors here. 1. Ya should really give at least a link of credit to the people who put the work into this project. 2. They released a method that takes up alot less space, and that is simply making a patched mod file for LayeredFS, which is more compatible and stable with future updates, and in general.
  6. Senpairate

    [MEGA] Little Dragons Cafe + Update - NSP files.

    If SXOS can install NSP files yes, but I along with a good portion of the community use the public CFW stuff that makes use of installing through tinfoil. I honestly know nothing of anything outside my own comfort zone.
  7. [Hidden Content] Credits to the generous donations that were given to add this game to the CDNSP database. Enjoy, for those of you who don't use CDNSP bob / doge / traditional NSP file creation methods.
  8. Senpairate

    [MEGA] My Hero One's Justice NSP file (JPN)

    As far as I'm aware there's no options for any other languages even in subtitle form. It is the Japanese release of an eventually global game after all.
  9. Senpairate

    [MEGA] My Hero One's Justice NSP file (JPN)

    You can find that in other recently made posts in the Switch Games section; same place I took it from. The japanese version of the game released, so people got a hold of it, dumped it, and then I converted it. No problem, I used to be sad about finding games I wanted only available in XCI format, so I at least like to upload anything I have to convert to the site.
  10. [Hidden Content] Just sharing the NSP file I made from the XCI floating around; for those that are unable to convert it. Enjoy~
  11. Senpairate


    [Hidden Content] Hey, someone asked for MUSYNX in my other post so I looked; and found it. HOWEVER: for some reason, it downloads a little bit of the game in tinfoil as an NSP, and downloads the rest as if it's updating the game, so you do need to be able to do that and not be bothered by it. Sorry for the strangeness of that in this NSP, but if you don't care then hopefully you've found the NSP you're looking for! find me dragonfangZ. thanks.
  12. Senpairate

    NSP - Penny-Punching Princess

    afraid not friend, sorry. :c Other than this NSP I only have what's in the database for CDNSP.
  13. Senpairate

    NSP - Penny-Punching Princess

    [Hidden Content] Hey. This game wasn't out as an NSP yet. I gotchu fam. someone find me DragonFangZ thanksOKENJOY. It's pretty fun. It's got a bug with a bow-tie. Neat.
  14. One game I've been looking for is DragonFangZ from the eshop, if you get the chance, would you be able to add it to your list? It has yet to be dumped anywhere yet.