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  1. most of hombrew apps not been updated and some games dont run on 9 yet more fixes to come
  2. 9.0 is rather unstable at the moment if u can id stay on 8.10
  3. could some body make a avengers and game theme please
  4. bk81

    [REQUEST] Metal Slug 4 Update 1.0.1 NSP

    try this place mate [Hidden Content]
  5. bk81

    How to install update game xci?

    search the game update and install the nsp file
  6. bk81

    Sega ages alex kidd nsp

    hope this helps [Hidden Content]
  7. themes are installed to your sd card
  8. bk81


    take a look at this you might have to downgrade to get all your keys [Hidden Content]
  9. bk81

    SX Installer filebrowser

    try filezilla to ftp and make sure u have ftp enabled on switch
  10. bk81

    diabling autoRCM

    look at this thread it gives you tutorials and you can ask for help if your still stuck [Hidden Content]
  11. bk81

    NXTheme install error

    watch this video i used it and worked
  12. bk81

    update to 6.2

    you must need latest version update
  13. bk81

    Pang Adventures

    why dont u update to latest version 6.2 then you shoud have no problems
  14. bk81

    Any sites for Switch game saves?

    here some save sites and cheat caode sites [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  15. bk81

    Is this a good release?

    try this page i trust it [Hidden Content]