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  1. If you want to make a Randomizer in LGE/LGP, you will need the romfs, this is for the people who cant extract it themselfes, or those who are to lazy to do it
  2. I can (if you still need it), but my Internet is kinda trash, so it would probably take a little while
  3. Sharing my small GBA Games collection, which contains Games like Pokemon Ruby, Super Mario World, or Zelda The Minish Cap. Google Drive Folder: [Hidden Content]
  4. Atmosphere got an Update to 0.8.8, so its no problem for unpatched Switches^^
  5. I havent tried it yet, but it should have.
  6. These are the Firmware Updates of the Nintendo Switch, if you want to update/Downgrade with ChoidujourNX for example^^ Download Links: [Hidden Content]
  7. Sharing the DevMenu for the Nintendo Switch. 1 NSP Version, that only works on 6.x, and the Version to inject into Pokemon Quest. Password(s): [Hidden Content] Links: [Hidden Content]
  8. Here is the entire RomFs and ExeFs I extracted from a Pokemon Lets Go XCI, in case you want to randomize your Game, or create custom Textures, but are to lazy, to extract it yourself^^ If you Plan on making a randomized Game: You need both the romfs and exefs! Put them in the same Folder and then PKNX should recognise them. If you do it differently, it wont work! ================================= RomFs: Archive Size: 1,87GB/Full Size: 4,12GB ExeFs: Archive Size: 18MB/Full Size: 26MB ================================= Lets Go Pikachu (romfs): [Hidden Content] Lets Go Eevee (exefs): [Hidden Content] Password(s): [Hidden Content] Randomizer Examples: