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  1. hdywasdasd

    [WBFS] Big Brain Academy PAL

  2. hdywasdasd

    Valiant Hearts Where to find?

    It is not out yet
  3. Yeah this shouldn't be tagged as "zippyshare" since it's not uploaded on zippyshare
  4. hdywasdasd

    Sinner - Sacrifice for Redemption

    Doesn't work, don't waste your time
  5. By all means yes, it's scummy af. They give the community a bad rep, they should be the ones catching the flack if and when Nintendo cracks down on this.
  6. Thanks man, always appreciate people who don't hide links behind bullshit.
  7. hdywasdasd

    [SO] Batman The Enemy Within eShop NSW - VENOM

    Yeah hope someone else is able to upload it elsewhere. Not gonna bother with this, I'm sick of people trying to monetize this shit.
  8. Why whould you update to 3.68