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  1. Hi, can you post a mirror please? download limit exceed. Thanks Works fine thanks!
  2. I was using goldleaf, will try tinfoil
  3. Thanks. Base game working however, having issues with DLC, is anyone else having issues? Tried installing using goldleaf via usb and also off SD card but break the game via USB and via SD card crashes the system.
  4. thanks for posting and your hard work!
  5. Thanks, big game! 18gb
  6. p4rma

    new pFBA 2.0 released with OGL

    I can't seem to get the roms showing up in the emulator. All the games are red. I've put arcade roms in switch/pfba/roms/ and console roms in switch/pfba/roms/gamegear , coleco, megadriv etc All the arcade roms detected none of the console roms.
  7. p4rma

    Pfba full romset

    I've done this but still not working ? using 2.0
  8. Can't get this working on 5.1 My bad, using XCI with update works perfectly. Thanks.