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  1. Mchi5

    πŸ‘ Blazing Chrome + Update

    Thanks. Loving this game. Reminds me of a cross between Contra and Metal Slug πŸ‘
  2. Hope modding community will set up something soon to be able to sideload player made levels
  3. yup second this. works perfect on 7.0.1. playing story mode, love the levels from Mario 3D world... Cat Mario FTW! wish Nintendo would port over Super Mario 3D World to the Switch! thanks again Turbo!
  4. Wat minimum firmware does this require? Thanks again
  5. Can someone confirm this is working? Thanks
  6. Can confirm turbo’s custom XCI with update 1.06 and DLC works on SX, firmware 7.0.1. Thanks again. Really enjoying Shang Tsung character πŸ‘
  7. I have SX os and am downloading the xci with the 1.06 update and DLC unlocker all in one package. I can’t try till tonight after work but can report back if it works
  8. @turbo. Does your custom XCI version 1.06 with everything on the xci work with fw 7.0.1? Downloading it now but can’t try until after work today. Thanks again for all you do πŸ‘
  9. Thanks Turbo. Your new dump works perfect for me. On SX OS 2.6.1 and FW 7.0.1. πŸ‘
  10. sorry i thought previous poster was asking me what FW and system im on. sorry misread the post did it work for you?