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  1. Mchi5


    Has anyone tested it and can confirm it's working?
  2. Thanks. Works perfect using tinfoil to install, on SX os v2.0.1 with EMUnand with system version 6.1 👍
  3. Awesome. Thanks. Wonder why it's being released in Europe on Dec 13 retail, but delayed in USA until Feb 2019? Oh well we get it now!
  4. Why I'm not installing this update yet. I'm on SX os with EMUNAND fm 6.1.
  5. RAR file is correct when trying to extract in winrar...
  6. Are all the songs unlocked or still behind a paywall?
  7. Mchi5

    [1F] SEGA AGES Out Run eShop NSW VENOM

    Thx. Used tinfoil to install and worked perfectly! FM 6.1 with EMUNAND on SX OS 2.0. Thanks again!
  8. Mchi5

    [1F] SEGA AGES Out Run eShop NSW VENOM

    Ok let me give tinfoil a try. Thanks
  9. Mchi5

    [1F] SEGA AGES Out Run eShop NSW VENOM

    I'm on 6.1. Won't install thru SX OS
  10. Mchi5

    [GD/1F/Zippy] NBA 2K19 [Update+XCI+NSP]

    Thanks for the link. Was worried I won't be able to try out NBA 2k19
  11. Mchi5

    [GD/1F/Zippy] NBA 2K19 [Update+XCI+NSP]

    What if you're banned by Nintendo, for online play and updates, will we be able to get the update or additional files, or are we just outta luck? I know with NBA 2k18, which I bought, it required an additional 12-14 gb download before it would work