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  1. Turbo, would love a custom XCI with new update if possible. Thanks!
  2. Ok that is weird. All my DLC skins work except like 2 which you need to actually buy. Just to be sure, you also installled the 1.1 update right? since you are on SX OS try this cheat. Gives you unlimited coins for the skins it worked for me [Coins 9999999] 040F0000 072739b0 0098967F
  3. I’m on exfat too. Are you saying the DLCs aren’t working? Or the cheats? Confused what’s not working for you like Turbo said everything works perfect for me. Fw 8.0.1. Latest SX OS. Exfat (for now)
  4. Again I can confirm. Regular game -not repacked- and 1.1 update and all 4 DLCs work on fw 8.0.1. You don’t need 8.1. Really enjoying Youngblood. And FYI there are cheats now for unlimited coins or health if your SX OS users
  5. Mchi5

    πŸ‘ Psikyo Shooting Library Vol 1

    As always excellent job Turbo. Thanks!
  6. Mchi5

    πŸ‘ Rise - Race The Future

    Thanks again πŸ‘