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  1. GK_hybrid

    [HELP] I installed an update and now my game doesn't work.

    I just go into the Switch normal settings and delete any updates then reinstall said update with sx os and/or goldleaf. Personally I just download most of my updates directly from the switch. I've been doing this since sx os launched last year (I was first batch) and I haven't been banned.
  2. Thank you so much for this! I hope you custom xci any new metal slugs (6, 7, xx) the switch gets in the future.
  3. FFXii(JPN) so its not in english dub? And Sword art online hollow realization (asia) isnt as well?
  4. A real shame this didn't get a english release -__- same with that one dragon quest bundle on switch
  5. GK_hybrid

    Switch Firmware 6.20 cracked!

    What we need is a solid "crack" for those patched switch units. I have that pokemon switch that desperately needs that CFW lol
  6. GK_hybrid

    Official DarkUmbra Discord Server

    Hmmm, no I don't get that. So it seems that on Discord's side I have DU authorized but on DU under discord account it says "Your Discord account is not yet linked" The only thing I'm able to do is "Deauthorize" DU on discord under "authorized apps" . The two links you provided in the OP they take me to the authorize DU page and I click "authorize" after it takes me to a white page that says "Something went wrong. Please try again" I've deauthorized DU on discord and have tried doing everything from scratch. Am I fucking something up here?
  7. GK_hybrid

    Official DarkUmbra Discord Server

    Okay a few things Gent's 1. When I authorize discord x DU via the link provided by Mr. DU himself -> Shadow, I get a "Something went wrong. Please try again" 2. However in my Discord's settings under "Authorized apps" it says I'm linked to DU???
  8. GK_hybrid

    Official DarkUmbra Discord Server

    Pretty sweet! Now I can leave the unofficial DU discord server
  9. GK_hybrid

    Help needed with installing homebrew Birmingham UK

    I recommend you purchase an SX PRO but before hand. What is the serial # of your switch? Because depending on the number your switch can either be hackable or PATCHED.
  10. GK_hybrid

    PS2 Component cable and Horizontal lines

    Damn dude, I had this same issue I wanna say like 3yrs ago and what ended up fixing the issue was using a PS3 cable if I remember correctly. Or was it using a different TV? I don't remember. Hopefully someone else more knowledgeable can help ya out bud.
  11. Thank's a lot dude!
  12. GK_hybrid


    Welcome to DU!
  13. GK_hybrid

    switch game issue

    A few things I want you to answer before hand. 1. What format is your Micro SDcard? Fat32? EXfat? 2. What version of SXOS are you using? Stable version or Beta version? 3. Are your xci's trimmed or full (untrimmed) xci's?
  14. GK_hybrid

    Hi everbody

    Welcome to DU!