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  1. [1F] [UTB] 11 Titles

    It'll be a field day for years once we can get these backups playing on Switch Thanks for the this +R
  2. Well if you want to run pirated DLC , injected VC games, and rednand games in SYSNAND you need CFW. Honestly CFW is just a must.
  3. Hey FGR! Long time buddy. It's all okay with me. I knew I had screwed up my tags and stuff so I was hoping a mod would fix it ;D I hope one day you can do and upload some crazy AF NSMBW-U customs
  4. New guy needs help hacking Wii-U

    Follow this GUIDE HERE to mod your WiiU +more Assuming your referring to WiiU Games you'll need a Hard Drive (preferably) with huge amount of GB (keep in mind WiiU supports 2TB) Go into your WiiU system settings and under Data Management you can Copy/Move/Delete Data You CAN use a flash drive but a Hard Drive is preferred AND you'll also need an SD card (30+ GB in size) I don't think you can do this offline You can Delete or change Mii's by using the Mii Maker application As for Wii and Gamecube games....it's been so long so I don't remember. DO check out the Wii sections on here though.
  5. So I've noticed that DU really doesn't have as much content like up to date stuff like it did in the past (at least not that I can see or tell) with no disrespect guys. I've been here since 2010 So. . .it's a bit sad seeing DU like this (especially with almost all of the DU Elite busy with IRL stuff) but anywho this is MY attempt (AKA 2cents) in bringing some help/life around these parts. Follow these guides and use the tools supplied because this is as easy as it gets. I personally pimped out 4 different Wii U's using all this shit I'm posting below. What this Guide CAN give you Region FREE console Pirate (Backups) WiiU games Pirate (Backup) Virtual Console games Pirate (backup) Eshop ONLY games Pirate DLC (Yes you read right) Access to Homebrew Launcher on your WiiU Sysnand WiiU setup Rednand WiiU setup CFWbooter AND anything else I might be forgetting READ EVERYTHING PLEASE! Important: Disclaimer: Compilation of Wii U TuT's: ragionhax_installer_v1.0.zip regionhax_uninstaller_v1.0.zip Edit: I recommend you guys use these two App's to download your WiiU games, Virtual Console games, Eshop ONLY games, DLC, Update files, AND out of region games. [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  6. [MEGA] WiiU Tickets (modded and unmodded)

    Don't think Ive seen your post on gbatemp though. . .
  7. Any chance of getting a NTSC-U thread of Brazilian-USB titles up by any chance?
  8. Is DUtag for wii still active? If not, why?

    Hey dude. I would love to help you but I myself haven't used DUTAG since I purchased my wiiu. I never bothered to put it back (though I wish I had). Further more I don't think the core members of DU are active on here these days since they could 100% help you. Ps: I hope I'm just seeing DU weird with member activity and all since I'm on my galaxy s7 edge. Edit: Best I can offer you is to try and contact DU's twitter or facebook.
  9. It's like whatev's. Mass Effect never really rubbed on me or anything. I'm curious to see if kingdom Hearts will make it on Switch or Plants vs Zombies. Maybe Elder Scrolls Online? since skyrim is on Switch???
  10. Nintendo Switch

    I don't understand why they are revealing more in dept detail on Switch Two or so months before it's schedule launch. I'm worried because thats awfully close with not a lot of hype train in between. Take wiiu for example we got to see how it looked and worked ETC a year or so before it's launch... Can't help but feel Ninty is pulling some sneaky ninja shit.
  11. NDS EMULATOR for wii!

    ^^^^^^ wow lol Mods please forgive me for necropolis posting and shit BUT damn this thread and OP takes me back
  12. Please Welcome our new Staff!

    congrats fellas!
  13. [MF] Japanese GameCube .ISO's