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  1. hybrid -x1

    Switch Firmware 6.20 cracked!

    Thank the devs for this. Really loving the switch homebrew scene. These boys are hungry and working on shit fast.
  2. I was heavily debating whether I should post this topic seeing as no one really was. All I saw were just comments randomly throughout the Switch content section. This isn't something that I want to spiral into some "DU Drama/Forum Drama" either but given the situation and what not please bare with it and me. I do apologize in advance Guys (Mods &Co). I'm not all to active around these parts much like years ago but I have invested time with this BS so please READ. The Start:11-14-18 and before
  3. I'm downloading the let's go Pikachu XCI he has up. I'll let you guys know how it went. Though look at his reputation and he did upload Lets go Eevee that indeed worked and wasn't a bullshit brick dump. Anywho thank you! EDIT: 1: I'm assuming this will need to be renamed to "Pikachu.xci" in order to get it to work just like Let's Go Eevee>Eevee.xci? EDIT 2: The game is 100% working (the XCI is what I downloaded) and also check his video for proof as well.
  4. Title says it all. If one of you kind Switch Bro's could share a 100% save file with ALL the halloween items that would be great.
  5. hybrid -x1

    Xecuter SX OS For The Nintendo Switch Review

    Card2 games working is wonderful news! It was so worth buying the SX pro ;DDD
  6. hybrid -x1

    SX OS 1.1 update By Team Xecuter released!

    This is for whoever reads this thread. btw good post FGR!
  7. hybrid -x1

    SX OS from Team-Xecuter is now out in the Wild!

    Ahh FGR good on you for posting this. A bit of info on running backups on SX/OS: Running backups with online (multiplayer) results in a error (ban) but only for that specific game (backup). So say you have Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (BACKUP) that you downloaded off the internet then you'll get the error (ban) on that specific dump. If you however own a REAL (physical) copy of MK8D and you run it after you'll be able to play it online. So in other words non online multiplayer games are good to run EX: breath of the wild, mario odyssey, i am setsuna, ETC. Keep in mind you can technically still run online multplayer games BUT only in their offline modes. I also read that some newer versions of switch games that are CART2 can't be run with the SX/OS yet and that Team Xecutor is already working on an update for us on that. EDIT: apparently if you dump your own games that you actually own you can run them online if they have a multiplayer and you won't get error'd (ban). Still keep in mind that doing any of this can result in a ban regardless. Correct me on any of this community if you come across other info EDIT 2: So SX/OS got a 1.1 update and with that I read that you are able to use a REAL game's cert and inject it into ANY backup and you'll be able to play said backups online if they have a multiplayer. This is pretty sweet. I'm going to use my REAL breath of the wild game cart's cert and inject it into every "backup" I have that has an online multiplayer lol
  8. WOW you came through with all the goodies! Just in time for the Switch SX
  9. Just ordered mine from SwitchSX and it was a solid 41$ or so.
  10. Thanks a bunch community for actually taking the time to use this thread. I havent updated the OP and chances are probably wont at this point but if one of you kind mods can and want to update this then by all means go for it. I'll be following the Nintendo Switch closer than ever from here on out so be on the look out for a TuT compilation when that time comes. EDIT: NVM did one final update (more than likely) to this compilation of TuT's
  11. hybrid -x1

    Nintendo E3 Schedule 2018

    Will anyone be attending E3 this year? I believe it's still open to the public (for a price) just like last year's E3 2017.