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  1. Using custom DNS you can connect to Captive Portal. You will able to use ui [Hidden Content] in your Nintendo Switch. All nintendo domains are blocked, except captive portal checkink domain. First of all you need to test DNS, it may be blocked by Internet Provider. On your PC using same Internet, open Terminal and type command: nslookup testdns If you can find result text it means everything works great.' Next go to Nintendo Switch Internet settings, change DNS to, press connect. Thats all, you can use web browser on Nintendo Switch with full set of useful links. One more thing, you can use it as alt stealth mode, or in pair with it. Using captive portal go Menu->Applications->Temporary disable Captive Portal Browser will be closed and Internet starts works as usual, but only for Homebrew apps. So you can use FTP for example. All domains that contains any Nintendo's keywords are blocked.