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  1. Tu ru ruu tu tu tuuu pah pahhh (plants dancing)! Thanks!
  2. ninty_lob

    [SO] Diablo III Eternal Collection NSW-VENOM

    Useless links full of pub garbage...
  3. I want the real cartridge RIP, this might flag my system...
  4. ninty_lob

    [REQUEST] Fast RMX in .xci

    Looking for this too... TY!
  5. ninty_lob

    Google Drive - 140+ Trimmed Switch Games - NO ADS

    Thanks my dude!
  6. ninty_lob

    [GOOGLE-DRIVE] [130 games] [XCI] Games Collection ...

    Hope all is well with him at least. Loved his attention to detail.
  7. ninty_lob

    ARMS ISO [Switch]

    Is this rip from a v000 cartridge?
  8. Anyone knows where this wonderful thread went?