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  1. ChickenGuy2000

    Pokemon Lets Go Games

    titlekey for nsx preload, i think
  2. ChickenGuy2000

    Diablo 3 Switch

    it's available now. /thread
  3. ChickenGuy2000

    Pokemon Lets Go Games

    okie dokie
  4. ChickenGuy2000

    Roarr! Jurassic Edition

    wrong section go to switch requests
  5. ChickenGuy2000

    [MEGA] WiiU Tickets (modded and unmodded)

  6. ChickenGuy2000

    Smash WiiU update tutorial

    EDIT: THIS ONLY WORKS WITH SUPER SMASH BROS. WII U. OVER 95% OF WII U GAME UPDATES/DLC REQUIRE A TICKET TO DECRYPT. Step 0: Have Super Smash Bros. Wii U (or what ever game you are doing this for) downloaded and put into loadiine. You should do this first and have knowledge on how to do so. Step 1: download U-Wizard Step 2: Open U-Wizard up and go to the settings tab Step 3: Search internet for Wii U Common Key, import it, and see if successful. Step 4: Once successful, go to NUS Downloader U tab Step 5 (UPDATE): Go here for Title ID for a specfic section [Hidden Content]. Then go to Update section. (Use Ctrl-F) (put title ID section before hyphen and then part after hyphen as two separate pieces into the box for Title ID; this avoids the hyphen in the box and doesn't remove the last number because the box is character restricted to only 16 characters and the last will be chopped off when copied with hyphen) Step 5MASH: For Super Smash Bros. Wii U Update 1.1.6, put this title (listed below for specific region) in for the section named Title ID. Then put in following for specfic region. JAP: 0005000E10110E00 USA: 0005000E10144F00 EUR: 0005000E10145000 Step 6: Leave Version box blank. Make sure Decrypt Contents is CHECKED. Click Start download. It will take a few minutes. Go outside and do some physical workout. Or whatever. Then you are done downloading the update. Step 7: Go to the directory where you downloaded U-Wizard. There will be a new folder named nus_content. In that folder, there will a folder with the same name as the Title ID. Open that folder. Step 8: Open another finder/tab. On the SD card with loadiine, in the specific game folder where there is the code, content, and meta folders, create a new folder named updates. In the updates folder, create a v288 folder (that is the newest version of Smash; for other games, just name it anything that will tell you when you downloaded the update). Then drag the stuff of the folder we just downloaded into the v288 (or whatever name) folder. Step 9 (DLC): Go to site in Step 5. This time, get the DLC file from DLC section (Use Ctrl-F). Step 9SMASH: For Super Smash Bros. Wii U DLC, put this title (listed below for specific region) in for the section named Title ID. Then put in following for specfic region. JAP: 0005000C10110E00 USA: 0005000C10144F00 EUR: 0005000C10145000 Step 10: find the folder with the title ID as the one you used in the nus_content folder. It'll contain a code, content, and meta folder. For that specific game, copy these folders into the SD card directory. That is SD:/wiiu/games/GAME NAME [TITLE ID]/ Say replace files of the same name if it asks. Step 11: REJOICE Successfully eject your SD card and you have the new update and DLC.
  7. ChickenGuy2000

    Smash WiiU update tutorial

    Sure. I'll do before the hour.
  8. ChickenGuy2000

    eshop / WiiU : 3D Covers

    thanks for pics
  9. ChickenGuy2000

    [GamerzCorp] Runbow EUR [ARNP0P]

    thanks mate. When do you think dlc will be implemented as an update?
  10. ChickenGuy2000

    Loadiine 4.0 [MEGA] # - L **Tekken Tag 2 added per request**

    Okay. Just finished testing Nintendo Land and Wind Waker. Played both for a considerable 15 minutes. Both work fine, no long waiting times or problems. Sorry for the lateness of this post. Haven't tested Zombiu or mk8 due to some internet issues. Will post results when I have the chance.
  11. ChickenGuy2000

    Loadiine 4.0 [MEGA] # - L **Tekken Tag 2 added per request**

    sorry for the double post. Assuming from your post that all the wuds you downloaded were from larsenv, DK tropical freeze and super mario 3d world work. I downloaded those wuds and extracted them myself before this thread was made. If you want me/someone to check it just to make sure, I will gladly do it after you respond. EDIT: Game & Wario was also another wud I downloaded from larsenv. so that goes with the above statements. Downloading zombiu and mk8 to try. On my way to try wind waker
  12. ChickenGuy2000

    Loadiine 4.0 [MEGA] # - L **Tekken Tag 2 added per request**

    I'm downloading Wind waker and nintendoland. Once done, I'll tell ya if it works.