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  1. no clue if those ones scan for the dlc based on different titleid's or not, these are for teh UK version. so no clue if it works or if the german one has different idea of what best 80s hits were etc.
  2. ShabbyPenguin


    american version doesnt come out until next year, just like 2018 did. this is the uk version which has mostly american songs.
  3. ShabbyPenguin

    Let's Go Mew

    Sorry about that, i forgot to swap the links when i edited. its been fixed.
  4. ShabbyPenguin

    Let's Go Mew

    This will make it so you can level up a pidgey to level 5 and it will evolve into a mew. this will not be a legit mew by pokemon standards but works fine for pokedex completion or just to have one without paying $50 or waiting on pkhex etc. [Hidden Content] v2 extract to sdcard root. i made the files go where they should go regardless of cfw you use.
  5. ShabbyPenguin

    [google Drive] Civilization VI + Update (Legit, working)

    sadly doesnt matter if its xci or not. the code runs regardless and can do damage so long as it executes. again not saying OP is doing this as its friday in AUS and he could have just dumped the game "early" for us yankees. just putting out a warning for people. uploaders should start including hashes md5 and sha1 of the files they upload so people can verify they got untainted files if they get it elsewhere etc.
  6. ShabbyPenguin

    [google Drive] Civilization VI + Update (Legit, working)

    no offense t o OP, but atm id be leary of any new releases that is sure to get people to download.
  7. ShabbyPenguin

    Let's sing 2019 info

    so far i havent seen the UK one. US one wont be out for several more months. the confusion could be resolved if people posted hashes of their files. sadly i think that would reveal how many of them just copy and paste to a new upload service then
  8. its the french version mislabeled. no one has released the UK version it seems.
  9. can you rename this to match with game version? do you have access to the UK version?
  10. ShabbyPenguin

    Let's sing 2019 info

    bc7b3567352411320d0e18342d04ba6d is the MD5 of the current posted XCI files, that is for Let's Sing 2019: Hits Français et Internationaux not Let's sing 2019 EUR. they are two different games [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] as you can its pretty different than [Hidden Content] @Softcobraweb and other uploaders should note the difference and rename the files please p.s. why does no one post hashes of their uploads? seems pretty common practice elsewhere
  11. ShabbyPenguin

    [MEGA] Goosebumps The Game [NO ADS OR CIPHERS]

    It isnt trimmed but only takes a few secs to do yourself . thanks smoker!
  12. tried to get a game that was on SO this morning and ended up giving up due to the nonsense. I'll wait until someone else uploads it.
  13. ShabbyPenguin

    [REQUEST] FreeshopNX Txt File Updater

    [Hidden Content]
  14. tinfoil now supports DLC, i imagine freeshop will support it soon.