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  1. ShabbyPenguin

    [MEGA] Goosebumps The Game [NO ADS OR CIPHERS]

    It isnt trimmed but only takes a few secs to do yourself . thanks smoker!
  2. tried to get a game that was on SO this morning and ended up giving up due to the nonsense. I'll wait until someone else uploads it.
  3. ShabbyPenguin

    [REQUEST] FreeshopNX Txt File Updater

    [Hidden Content]
  4. tinfoil now supports DLC, i imagine freeshop will support it soon.
  5. DLC isnt listed as no versions of tinfoil/freeshop have supported installing them. the dlc gets filters out by the homebrew, once dlc installingg works t hey will unfilter and enable it. the fakenxshop didnt have this protection in place so if someone tries to install dlc it will crash the system an possibly corrupt the sdcard making you reinstall the games all over again.
  6. the latest freeshop versions have updater built into it FYI
  7. ShabbyPenguin

    [REQUEST] FreeshopNX Txt File Updater

    newer versions of freeshop have a txt file updater built in.
  8. nah as you can see from @Ultimatepump screenshot is when you go to freeshoplist. you need to be using v 1.0.0, earlier versions have it hardcoded and settings.cfg wont work.
  9. i figured it out, the url changed for keys and the old version was hardcoded. v1.0.0 should work as long as you put [Hidden Content] as the url in settings.cfg.
  10. seems older versions of the freeshop updater are broken, 1.0..0 is still working for me, can anyone else confirm?
  11. Seems a few folks were having issues with the updater, from h elp channel it looks liek people are putting sd:/switch/Freeshop and the updater doenst work with that it is hardcoded to the actual name of the app, being FreeshopNX. v1.0.0 was released [Hidden Content] not sure all the new changes but he said you now need to edit settings.cfg to the right url and then it all should work.
  12. strange it didnt work for you, its working fine for me and others. not sure if im allowed to share what discord its from etc. its a new one that just popped up since the last one had lots of problems.
  13. Actually, original version of freeshop that went public used , as a delimiter from analogman. its not tampered, its just not up to date. freeshop also uses rights id, not titleid so snip.li/newkeydb wouldnt work with freeshop anyways, the devs keep a separate list for freeshop. From discord these are the latest - [Hidden Content] freeshop nro freeshop updater 1.0 below
  14. [Hidden Content] this was released on a piracy discord to help keep the txt updated. credit to BlackBetty for making it.
  15. Sounds like you had a bad fake ticket