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  1. Thank you Cobra! but you might want to check the file name. It says SRWT hehe
  2. jadefox

    Dragon Quest XI S?

    lol leak now protect Rick from being beaten black and blue
  3. would happen to have the breath of fire series? would mean a lot to me if you did
  4. trying to download but I'm pretty iffy with downloading the baidnetdisk program. Not a big fan of baidu. Will just wait for someone to upload to GDRIVE just to be sure but thank you nonetheless OP.
  5. wow wasn't expecting a link this early! thank you sir.
  6. I agree. SE should've anticipated that people will be looking forward for the Japanese voiceover. Instead, the locked the Jap VO to coincide with the system setting of the switch and not offering an option to change the language setting on the fly. Sad though.
  7. The JP release is said to have the option to change the subtitle. As compared to the ASIA release which only changes the language and subtitle setting base on your SWITCH system language setting. So, I'm really hoping in getting my hands on the JP version.
  8. jadefox

    Final Fantasy X X-2 JAPAN Version

    same here.
  9. thank you for this Softcobra! Will you be uploading the JAP version too? I want to play it with Japanese Voiceovers
  10. Thank you so much for the tip. I finally got the game working.
  11. I can't seem to make it work properly how did you guys install it? I'm using SX Os running on switch ver 6.2. I hope you guys can help me with how to install the game properly along with the update and dlc's. The game is asking for a system update everytime i install 1.3.