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  1. hundshamer

    Yoshi's Woolly World EUR WiiU VENOM

    Thank you.
  2. hundshamer

    [MEGA] Sonic Boom Rise of Lyric US [Loadiine Ready]

    This will work for all versions. It's just that this is already set up for Dimok's file system. I added it to the OP.
  3. [hide][Hidden Content]] This one was on the RPX too large list. We have found a way to compress the RPX file to the right size on a limited amount of games. This one is ready to drag and drop for Dimok's version of loadiine. Here's the working RPX file for those who already downloaded the non working version. [hide][Hidden Content]]
  4. hundshamer

    FIFA Soccer 13 USA WiiU FAKE - WUD

    Thanks. Loadiine ready version coming soon...
  5. hundshamer

    Bayonetta 2 USA WiiU Extracted

    I realize it doesn't work with loadiine, but I have to wonder if it has to do with the filesystem. Not sure what files go into what folders.
  6. hundshamer

    Bayonetta 2 USA WiiU Extracted

    Could we not use Uwizard to download and decrypt an RPX from the update file? I thought that's how the updates work. You extract the update files, replace the RPX and merge/replace files in the content folder. If this is the case the updated RPX is the one you want anyhow. Am I wrong? I'm downloading now and testing. I'll report back. EDIT: I was wrong. There is no update file for Bayonetta.