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  1. coffinbirth

    "Software was closed due to an error" SXOS 2.8 FW 8.1.0

    Did you make a backup of your NAND before updating? You might have to restore it. But first... Do your legit carts have updates installed from the scene, or eshop? So, long story short, the last version of SXOS broke older .nsp installations, which will do what you are describing, and if you have illegitimate updates installed it could be the source of your carts not functioning as well. Have you tried installing a new game, such as Cadence? I've actually heard reports of that game crashing at title screen, so try a different one. I hope for your sake it's simply the SXOS issue, and not some sort of horseshittery that will require a restore. EDIT: Missed that you said you installed CTR. Try installing it with Goldleaf.
  2. coffinbirth

    Link your account

    Got it working, thanks. Checkpoint is the save homebrew, already had it, just forgot lol.
  3. coffinbirth

    Link your account

    Wow, thank you! A couple of questions; 1. Does this link to Nintendo's servers, or is this done offline somehow? 2. So this will allow us to play Bloodstained and the NES .nsp, etc now? 3. Is this a permanent change, or will it need to be updated or anything later, i.e. can an ofw update break it? 4. What is any easy way to backup saves, I've never done it. Again, big thanks!
  4. coffinbirth

    Dynamite COP (PAL)(Widescreen Patched)

  5. coffinbirth

    D2 (Widescreen Patched)

    YESSSSS! Thank you! Any chance of a widescreen Demolition Racer: No Exit?
  6. coffinbirth

    Power Stone 2 PAL (Widescreen Patched)

    Yes. The.chd is a compressed image, and can be ran with Reicast for Switch or pc. I think they also work in reDream for pc as well.
  7. coffinbirth

    Cosmic Smash (JP-en) (Widescreen Patched)

    Thank you!
  8. coffinbirth

    Snow Surfers (Widescreen Patched)

    Sega Swirl blackscreens for me, but I have read that it's actually a winCE game, just doesn't have the splash screen indicating so. My copy is a modded ODCM disc image, but it boots, just not the actual Sega Swirl game. I think it's also included in Sega Smash Pack, but I haven't tried it. Also, you don't need the sdk to make forwarders. You just need nro2nsp, and it's quite easy.
  9. Big thanks! I second Half-Life.( just saw the winCe incompatibility) About through my must-haves for Widescreen. Would also love to see Cosmic Smash, Demolition Racer No Exit, Carrier, Headhunter, D2, Seaman(I know, but for pc?) and, ummmm drawing a blank on any more right now, haha.
  10. yup, sadly widescreen won't work for this one:/
  11. coffinbirth

    Resident Evil Code Veronica X (Widescreen Patched)

    Ahhhhhh, bummer. Ok, no worries. I can deal with 4:3
  12. coffinbirth

    Resident Evil Code Veronica X (Widescreen Patched)

    Awesome stuff! Thank you! Any chance of getting Resident Evil 3: Nemesis?
  13. coffinbirth

    Shadowman Pal Multi 5 (Widescreen Patched)

    Wow! That was fast! As always, thank you!
  14. coffinbirth

    Toy Commander (60 FPS patched)

    Thank you! Great game.