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  1. ABle to do Vigilante:V8? Cheers
  2. MorningBlunt

    install custom levels on Mario Maker 2 w/download

    @vegaskid Nice one, sir.
  3. MorningBlunt

    [RELEASE] /HBG/ Shop 1.6.2b AiO

    Follow the instructions, use support channels in Discord etc. Use ya brain, no spoonfeeding, sir.
  4. MorningBlunt

    [RELEASE] PPSSPP Stand Alone Beta

    Same as above. I was only going to play Tekken anyway. I'll stick to Tekken 3 on PS1 for now, more fun...
  5. MorningBlunt

    [RELEASE] /HBG/ Shop 1.6.2b AiO

    It's like 11 bucks, sheesh. You can spend 11 bucks and get 38908738290q8372909 games or give Ninty 11 bucks and get 1/4 of a game.
  6. MorningBlunt

    [RELEASE] /HBG/ Shop 1.6.2b AiO

    [Hidden Content]
  7. MorningBlunt

    [RELEASE] /HBG/ Shop 1.6.2b AiO

    check their discord.
  8. Hmmm... Would this work for N64 or PS1 roms? Is there a list of cores supported?
  9. MorningBlunt

    install custom levels on Mario Maker 2 w/download

    When offline 100 man comes, I'm gonna be beyond excited.
  10. MorningBlunt

    install custom levels on Mario Maker 2 w/download

    Credit: [Hidden Content]
  11. Yeah, the consoles in the shop you can play demos on use these versions of the game. Sometimes they are referred to as V0/version 0 or Beta.
  12. MorningBlunt

    Team Sonic Racing - NSP - reNXpack - GD

    Dead link!
  13. Password is always fine. Follow instructions. I always feel if you can't follow basic instructions (for any download), you don't deserve it.