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  1. Such an interesting game, surprised it's not in the wild a week early. Thanks in advance!
  2. This is true, tacking my brain to figure out how to DL.
  3. Gootah

    Nintendo Entertainment System, NES, gdrive

    Doesn't work. Says "Sign in to your Nintendo account again."
  4. Gootah

    [ZS] Cave_Story_plus_Plus4_Trainer_NSW-VENOM

    I could go for some more releases like this
  5. Going to start DLing while my NAND is being dumped.
  6. Gootah

    [MEGA][WINDOWS] Nds2WiiU

    Do the DS games work online? Can you play multiplayer?
  7. Gootah

    Bayonetta 2 USA WiiU Extracted

    Don't mind if I do