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  1. hello @Softcobraweb done what you said and say that exceeded the limit of download for today and I have to say that today I did not download anything from google drive and nothing from google is there any solution?
  2. hello @Softcobraweb Can you upload the game to a download website like this 1Fichier if it's not too much to ask? I can't download the game. Google on Google asks me to wait more than 24 hours or 48 hours
  3. hello Can you upload to download the update 2.1.3 of youkai watch 4 of switch?
  4. hello ¿ Power_Rangers_Battle_for_the_Grid_v1.5.0_DLC_Unlocker_NSW-VENOM ?
  5. hello ¿ Raspberry Cube JAP update 1.0.1 of fix error switch ? and ¿ Tonari ni Kanojo no Iru Shiawase ~Two Farce~ switch ? and ¿ Boku to Nurse no Kenshuu Nisshi switch ?
  6. hello ¿ Raspberry Cube JAP update 1.0.1 of fix error switch ?
  7. hello ¿ ボクと彼女の研修日誌 switch ? [Hidden Content] and ¿ となりに彼女のいる幸せ ~Two Farce~ switch ? [Hidden Content]
  8. hello ¿ Kangokuto Mary Skelter 2 and all dlc version japan for Nintendo Switch ?